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Custom Closets Make Cozy Suburban Life in Brambleton Even More Convenient

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Mar 23, 2017

Custom design can help make your master closet as comfy and welcoming as the rest of your family’s home in the Brambleton suburbs—here’s how.

The story is somehow always the same. Couple falls in love with the Brambleton community one summer and vows to pack up and move to the suburbs to start a family. Is there any other reason to leave the bustle of the DC metro area than to take in the endless benefits of a master-planned community?

In any case, if you’re moving out to your first single-family home in Brambleton, VA, you’ll probably be overwhelmed with the perks. Imagine little ones playing in the endless cul-de-sacs! You’ll no longer have to pay for parking! Local farmers markets in the Town Center are calling your name!

Before you sign on the dotted line and get your mortgage all set up, you may want to consider adding a custom closet into the deal. Why? Because updating your home is an expense that can be tax deductible when done as part of a mortgage. There’s no time like the 2017 tax season to be getting the most out of your new home purchase.

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Start with Your Master Closet Design

Just because you’re moving into an area that’s filled with families and young children does not mean you can’t pamper yourself with a little adult luxury. The master closet is your respite after a long commute from Arlington, the beautifully organized and aesthetically pleasing corner of your house, and the one space you can shut the door and be truly alone (if only for a moment).

When designing a custom closet, especially for our Brambleton customers, we always want to be sure that the renovations we plan together are approved by the Brambleton Community Association. Once that step is taken care of, we can start putting together the closet of your dreams.

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When we’re beginning to design your custom closet, you’ll have the opportunity to determine what features you really want. Traveling through Dulles airport often for business trips? We can include a perfectly-sized section in your walk-in for the trusty carry-on. Have plenty of suit separates that you wear as your Capitol Hill uniform? We can designate hanging rods exactly where you need them. Are you a spring and summer sundress fanatic? We’ll include more hanging space to be sure you have enough for your outfit options to the Bramble-bunny egg hunt in April.

Add In Your Favorite Extras

Now that you’ve formed the basis for a custom closet that fits your specific needs, it’s time to include accessories that will make your new home in Brambleton feel even more luxurious. When you’re busy carting your kids to Legacy or Moorefield Station, you will be thankful for that valet rod that you installed to keep the next day’s outfit ready to go.

tie rack

Loudoun County is full of working men (and women) who are actively making the daily business and government grind—and that means your closet may be in need of a creative solution to store neckties. Slide-out tie racks keep everything in tip-top shape while taking up minimal space in your closet. For those who have a bigger preference for jewelry and other accessories, double-level jewelry drawers lined with velvet will do the trick.

Get Ready to Get Used to Brambleton

With a local Lost Rhino brew and a yearly roving dinner waiting for you down the Dulles Toll Road, it’s no surprise that your young family is racing to get to Brambleton to start your new suburban life. We know you’ll be looking forward to your move even more when you have a new master closet in the works, built right into your mortgage.

Wherever your new home lies along Belmont Ridge Road, you’ll be able to have the custom master closet you’ve always wanted. Can’t stand the wait any longer? We don’t blame you. Sign up for a free design consultation with one of Closet America’s designers to get your master closet designed and ready for installation as soon as you move in. There never was an easier home update!



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Closet America was able to work with my unique circumstances in order to give me the best use of my space.

Amy B.,
Fairfax Station, VA

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