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Closet Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Out Your Wardrobe & Keep It Tidy

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Sep 22, 2023

Not sure how to clean your closet like a pro? Closet cleanup may sound refreshing, but starting the task can be daunting if you’re uncertain on where to start. Follow these closet cleaning tips and enjoy a fresh, decluttered closet when you’re finished!

Get Rid of the Unnecessary Items

We all can relate to that feeling of not having enough variety of things to wear. However, most of us have plenty of clothing to spare. Some clothing items might even stay in the closet for years without being worn once.

A closet redo is also the perfect time to look closely at what you have and make sustainable fashion choices.

Here’s how:

Start with a Plan

Want closet organization to feel less tedious? Get organized and create a plan first. Get clear on your goals, decide on a time to clean your closet, gather any necessary supplies like organization boxes, hangers, baskets, cleaning supplies etc. It can also help to think ahead on what to do with your unwanted pile of clothes at the end.

Start by Removing Everything

Now that you have a plan, start executing it by taking everything out of your closet. This includes clothes, accessories, shoes, literally everything and pile them into categories on clean surfaces in the room. For example, sort your wardrobe into piles of tops, buttons, dresses, etc. Alternatively, you can sort them by seasons, styles or functions.

Identify Unneeded Items & Sort Them into Piles

Create an additional pile once everything is categorized for items you want to discard. But how do you decide what to keep? These decisions can be tough. You could try the clothes on to see if they fit or how you feel wearing them. Want to get a second opinion? Take pictures and send them to friends! The most important part is to pay attention to how the clothing makes you feel when you wear them & to discard items that bring about negative feelings.

A Bit about the KonMari Method

Some clothing items you have might “spark joy” when you wear or see them. The KonMari method recommends paying attention to these feelings when considering your wardrobe. It also recommends that you should let go of items if they bring about negative emotions, or if you’re holding onto them for that “one day” where they will magically fit as you wish they would.

Declutter Your Unwanted Pile

Now it’s time to take care of the items you want to discard. Selling, swapping, donating, upcycling or recycling are ways to discard unwanted clothes. Find out which clothes are still in good shape. You could sell or even swap them.

Check online listings to discover which second-hand pieces are popular and their prices. It will help you select the items you can sell. Swapping your clothes with a friend can also benefit both of you. Trading clothes allows you to reuse and wear new items frequently without buying anything.

If you decide to donate clothes, make sure they’re usable and clean. Often charities receive lower-quality garments that end up in landfills anyway. Try to be mindful of your donations. If you have clothes that are too worn out to give away, check which donation centers accept clothing scraps to give to insulation companies.

Find out community organizations that want clothing donations. Offer them clothes that are in good condition and free of holes, stains, faulty zippers and missing buttons. You can also upcycle or repurpose items you don’t need. For example, turn a pair of old jeans into shorts or use old t-shirts and towels as cleaning rags.

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