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Garage Storage Cabinets Create Order and Convenience

Having a garage is an essential component to any home. For many, it is a recreational area, and sometimes even a social space. It holds many of the things we need and use the most, as well as the cars. But many times garage organization tends to be a hit-or-miss proposition. Given its importance to a family, there is no reason garage storage systems should be any less refined, and garage storage cabinets any less attractive, than those inside the house.

Garage Storage Cabinets and More

At Closet America, we see cluttered garages far too often. But thankfully, by the time we’ve seen the clutter, we’re able to provide homeowners with a solution. We manufacture metal shelving that attaches to the wall and holds up to 300 pounds, and our beautiful garage storage cabinets have adjustable shelving and come in a variety of finishes. Besides those, we have created a slatwall system with tongue-in-groove channels to hold hooks, baskets, and accessories that might include:

  • Tool racks to keep hardware and even shop towels handy
  • Double hooks, J hooks, and loop hooks to accommodate all types of tools and equipment
  • Strong metal baskets to keep cleaning supplies, car care items, and other equipment in plain sight and easy to reach
  • Garden racks and baskets to keep your shovels, rakes, gloves and other gardening supplies organized

Everyone was great from beginning to end! Extra cudos to the designer for having great vision.

Tracy G.,
Burtonsville, MD

To protect your tools and equipment, our garage accessories are made from rust-resistant powder-coated metal covered with soft, durable foam. If the ones above don’t have you covered, we have specialized accessories for your specific needs:

  • Overhead racks to use the valuable space near the ceiling for storing seasonal items
  • Mesh bags to keep soccer balls, pool toys, and other recreational equipment
  • Golf racks to organize golf bags, shoes, extra clubs, and other gear
  • Bike hangers to save space and protect your bikes
  • Fish rod hooks to store any size rods safely with reels in place
  • Sloping shelves to prevent shoes from piling up at the door

With Closet America’s custom storage cabinet systems, your garage can be a showplace, and you will never have to hunt for a tool or stumble over a pile of sports equipment again. Our garage cabinet systems are flexible too. Accessories can easily be moved, added, or changed at any time.

Utility Garage Storage Cabinets Made Especially for You

If you decide to take us up on our offer, your garage cabinet designs and accessories will be manufactured by hand to order using computer-assisted technology in our Landover, MD facility. They will go through the same four-step process that all our custom shop organization systems do, starting with a free design consultation, where one of our professional designers will discuss your organizational needs with you and show you a 3D rendering of your garage using CAD technology. Like everything we make, our garage storage systems come with our comprehensive transferable warranty.

Contact Closet America today to learn more about how we can make your garage more convenient, organized and attractive.

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