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The Best Reach-in Pantry Is Designed With Small Spaces in Mind

If you have a reach-in pantry, you know it can get cluttered, fast. There’s so much you need to store: dry foods, spices, bottles of oil or vinegar, canned goods, even small kitchen appliances. How can you make the most of the space you have while keeping the items you use every day handy? They best reach-in pantry is designed to make use of every inch of space—including vertical space and corners—even if you have a small kitchen.

The best reach-in pantry design gives everything in your pantry its own designated place. It keeps the items you need to remove or restock within easy reach and the things you don’t use very often out of the way, but still accessible. The result is an organized, neat-looking reach-in pantry designed for you to find what you’re looking for with ease.


You can open your pantry door and feel a sense of relief when seeing everything arranged, perfectly in its place—which is really great when you’re in a rush to make dinner or get the kids out the door in the morning. Plus, it’s elegant. Your countertops glisten, your cabinets gleam. Shouldn’t the inside of your reach-in pantry look just as beautiful?

A custom reach-in pantry makes your kitchen far more useful and efficient. It makes it easy to take inventory of what you need from the grocery store. A custom reach-in pantry installed by Closet America is versatile; making it easy to adjust the shelves to fit your needs. Reconfigure your pantry any time you want by changing the heights and positions of shelves and other parts. How you arrange your custom reach-in pantry is completely up to you.

Our custom reach-in pantry designs feature:

The Best Reach In Pantry is Engineered to Last

Our custom reach-in pantries are made with high-quality materials and components, including:

  • ¾-inch pantry shelving that resists scratches, with a thermofused finish for outstanding durability
  • High-quality hardware, including metal connectors and soft-close drawer hinges
  • Floor mounts to keep your pantry system stable

Most satisfied with the tear out and patching before installation of new components. Also most satisfied with the quality and construction of the new system.

Jeff B.,
Rockville, MD

Your Pantries Will Seem Bigger With Our Custom Design

Small pantries got you down? Well, you don’t have to feel limited by them, any longer. Contact us to schedule a free design consultation today. A professional designer will visit you in your home at your convenience to talk about your reach-in pantry dreams and goals. They’ll inspect and measure your pantry, and design a custom reach-in pantry to fit your needs. If you like the design you see, your reach-in pantry will be built by hand at our Landover, MD workshop. And, we can typically install the system in one day and leave your space even cleaner than we found it.

Choose a custom reach-in pantry from Closet America. From precise measurements to a 3D interactive model of your pantry, to on-time installation, you’ll have a worry-free customer experience. Plus, each pantry system comes with our customer-friendly transferable warranty for double the life of your home, which adds value forever.

Contact us today to see what our designers have in store for you. And to see what we’ve designed for other clients, feel free to browse our photo gallery.

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