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Custom Wardrobes and Closet Solutions by Closet America – Maximize Your Storage Space

Closet wardrobes should be a reflection of your personal style not only aesthetically but functionally as well. Customized wardrobe design is the best way to ensure this piece of furniture works in your space and adds valuable storage solutions that weren’t there before. At Closet America, we’ve designed exceptional custom wardrobes for over 20,000 customers. These beautiful pieces of furniture are built with customized organization solutions for your household in mind so everything is in its place, perfectly. A custom wardrobe is the perfect combination of practicality and elegance so you can accentuate the beauty of organization in your home.

While you might say that closets are our specialty, we want to offer our expertise to those with smaller bedroom space searching for built-in wardrobe solutions. Without a walk-in closet available, finding clever and creative wardrobe storage solutions that maximize the space available is extremely important. Custom closet wardrobes are the ideal way to add storage to a bedroom where maximizing usage of the space you have is important. By offering custom wardrobe design and installation services to the entire Washington, DC metro area, we are ensuring that these options are available to you. We’re your organization and closet design experts ready to transform your space. Every wardrobe we’ve created is unique, just like the families they’re built for, and you can feel our passion for craftsmanship and beautiful design in each.

Here’s How it Works

We at Closet America realize that a one-size-fits-all approach never works when it comes to closet wardrobes. Every family lives a different lifestyle, has different things they need to store, and different preferences on how they’d like to organize it all. When you contact Closet America in search of the organization solutions of your dreams, you can expect us to follow these processes:

  1. Our process begins with a consultation, where one of our wardrobe design experts will give you a visit, see your space, and get to know your wants and needs.
  2. While visiting, our expert will also take measurements of the space you have available and then create a 3D rendering of how different custom wardrobes might look right then and there for you, using our proprietary software.
  3. Our expert will then explain all of the different design components we offer so you can customize every aspect, including drawers, shelves, hanging rods, and more.

Some of the most popular features for closet wardrobes include:

  • Double hanging rods that maximize the vertical hanging space you have available
  • Hideaway ironing boards
  • Show shelving to fit all types of footwear
  • Slide-out tie and belt racks 
  • Pull-out pant rack
  • Built-in drawer inserts for watches, jewelry, and other accessories
  • Valet rods that help you organize drycleaning and plan outfits
  • Interior lighting that illuminates all your clothes
  • Mirrors

Our Custom Closet Wardrobes are Built to Last

The cornerstone of our mission at Closet America is to provide the pinnacle of quality for all of our custom storage solutions. Regardless of what kind of wardrobe design you decide on or what features you want to include, we guarantee that it will be engineered to last. Our custom built-in wardrobes are always created using high-quality materials and built with expert craftsmanship, including details like:

Closet America is a local company, meaning that your entire closet wardrobe will be assembled by hand at our workshop in Landover, MD. This locality means we are typically able to install entire closet wardrobes in as little as a day. In addition to being conveniently located and efficient, our installers will also be careful not to make a mess and may even leave your home cleaner than they found it. For added peace of mind, all custom closet wardrobes come with our industry-leading transferable warranty.

The Closet America Wardrobe Design Guarantee

Here at Closet America, we proudly stand behind every custom wardrobe design we’ve created, built, and installed. We want you to love them from the day they’re installed and get good use out of them for years, which is why we offer such amazing guarantees.

Benefits of Custom Closet Wardrobes  

Closet wardrobes provide storage where none existed before, but custom closet wardrobes offer a lot more. When you create your own custom wardrobe design, you can ensure everything will be put in its place perfectly.


  • Your wardrobe will be a perfect fit in your available space.
  • Decide the size of the wardrobe you want. Have your wardrobe stretch across a whole wall with a sliding door or choose the classic hinged wardrobe.
  • Choose the dimensions as you see fit. We recommend having a depth of at least two feet to accommodate hangers in your wardrobe. From there, the only limit to the dimensions are your wants and needs.
  • Picking the materials for your custom wardrobe may be one of the best parts of the process, especially if you want a naked-grain design. Choose the wood you desire for the outside of the wardrobe and we’ll provide quality materials for the shelving and cabinetry.
  • Finally, pick the color that goes best in your home. After picking the materials for your custom wardrobe choosing the color is certainly the best step. Whether you want a red-tinted stain to warm up a space or a cool slate for a modern touch, Closet America can provide.

When you work with Closet America, you’ll also be getting a very high-quality product that’s been built to last and should require little to no maintenance. The quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and attention to detail we put into all custom closet wardrobes mean they’ll last a lifetime. You’ll never have to worry if the shelves can’t support the weight of your clothes if drawers will become stuck over time or anything like that. 

What to Consider When Planning a Custom Wardrobe Design

There is a lot to consider when thinking about closet wardrobes. Although our wardrobe design expert will go over many of these things with you in your initial consultation, here are a few things you should already start to consider:

Let us Build a Custom Wardrobe for You

Custom closet wardrobes from Closet America combine design, style, functionality, practicality, and quality to give you a piece of furniture you’ll love. If you can dream it, we’ll bring your vision to life. We offer free consultations and quotes that don’t come with any commitment or pressure to buy a thing. Contact us today to meet with one of our wardrobe design experts!