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13 Clothing Closet Organization Ideas, Inspiration, & Helpful Planning Tips

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Sep 8, 2023

Having a glimmering celeb-style wardrobe can sound like a pipe dream. Sometimes it can feel as though no matter how you try, keeping things organized is tough.

However, these expert-provided closet organization ideas will help you declutter your closet space and make space for your bags, outfits, shoes and accessories. We have gathered these 13 ideas for a closet organization that you can follow and give it that professionally organized look, just like the celebrities!

13 Practical Closet Planning Tips

Save yourself time, stress and make dressing up a breeze with the tips below!

  1. Dedicate a wall in your walk-in closet. Organizing the walls in a crowded, confined walk-in closet can help you tidy the area. Dedicate a wall to build custom-built ins where you can put your accessories and clothing. You can leave some of the walls bare so that you have ample space to move around and breathe freely. If it’s a tall but narrow closet, add a skylight to brighten the room with natural light.
  2. Match Organizer Sets. Create a simple yet polished-looking closet with matching organizer sets. Organizing items like trays, boxes, hangers, baskets and more that match your wardrobe’s style. You can also add double hanging sections to maximize storage space in the closet.
  3. Keep shoes stored alternatively. Fit more shoes on each shelf by alternating the way the shoes face. You can also add floating shelves that can add a modern look to your space. Alternatively, you may decide to paint the cabinet doors, drawers and floating shelves in the same color for a well-coordinated look.
  4. Keep the floors uncluttered. Keep the floor clean and utilize closed cabinets instead of open shelves to create a spacious and minimalist look. You can also add some dimension to the space by keeping an armchair in the corner and adding a standing floor mirror.
  5. Make use of corners. Utilize the corners of your closet by installing custom corner shelves to display and store accessories like your bags. Next, add built-in benches in the room to create storage underneath the windows. Arrangements like these can make the room appear larger without sacrificing the storage capacity.
  6. Transform the transitional space. If you have spare space connected to the master bathroom, turn it into a beautiful changing room. Organize the room to create a luxurious space for dressing. Consider adding a circular banquette to step up the game.
  7. Bring a dresser into your closet. This tip is ideal for walk-in closets. You can transfer your dresser to the walk-in closet and turn it into a full-blown vanity station where you can get dressed each morning. Also, add a mirror on top of the dresser. Putting your dresser in your closet will also free up space in your bedroom as well.
  8. Add hooks to hang purses. If you want to hang bags on hanger rods, hanging hooks are ideal to use. It will be easy to manage all the bags and keep the handles in shape.
  9. Use special hangers for the closet. Preserve the quality of your clothes in your closet and create a tidy aesthetic by using one type of hanger, such as wooden, padded, or velvet throughout the entire space. If you decide that you’d prefer to use a couple of types for your wardrobe, then store those similar hangers together.
  10. Add another bar. Double your closet space by simply installing dual hanging rods.
  11. Style your space. Add a mirror, art, wall papers and a dash of color to your closet. These elements will add your personality and character to the room and make it uniquely yours. Ensure you avoid décor pieces that are hard to dust, like fake flowers.
  12. Create a retail-like wall. You could create a display like those chic retail shops, with a floating cubby wall. Here you can display your favorite, visually striking items that will bring you joy every time you see it.
  13. Make space for your jewelry. A twisted jumble of jewelry can spoil the aesthetic of your closet space. Build a jewelry wall where you can hang the pieces. Or use custom black velvet jewelry trays to keep and store your jewelry in soft-closing drawers.

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