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Kid’s Closets | Children’s Closet Storage & Organization Systems

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Jan 5, 2023

Having kids can mean spending additional time each day ensuring that the house is clean and organized. While turning clean-up time into a family affair can help by teaching your kids life lessons about organization- this can merely put a lid on the mess rather than being a long-term solution. This is why any home with children can benefit from a custom closet storage and organization system from Closet America. Our specialists combine their expertise with state-of-the-art technology, high levels of craftsmanship, and durable materials to create custom-designed organization solutions for your home. These organization systems are built locally and then carefully installed in your home. Whether you’re in need of a closet organization system for children’s clothes, storage space for toys, or anything else, we’ll help you find a way to put everything in its place, perfectly.

Why Teach Kids Organizational Skills & How a Custom Storage System Can Help

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a parent is teaching your child valuable life skills that will set them up for success later in life and then seeing them implement these lessons into their lives. We feel that teaching children organizational skills is underappreciated in their younger years, and you shouldn’t have to wait until their teen years to have some helping hands around the house.

We consider knowing how to get organized an essential life skill, so kids should be introduced to these concepts at a young age. Teaching your child how to get organized can boost their self-confidence, encourage their creativity, and gives them fulfilling tasks they can feel proud of. It should also mean less mess around the house, and it’ll likely prevent you from having to scramble to help your kid find their other shoe before the school bus arrives.

It helps immensely to have a custom-built storage system for your child when teaching them how to get and stay organized. No matter what space you have to work with, Closet America can help along every step of the way, from inspiration to installation.

How to Create Children’s Closet Storage & Organization Systems

When creating a closet or storage solution for kids’ spaces, you have to take a much different approach than if you were designing something for a space mainly occupied by adults. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Make a System That Grows with Your Child

Children are much shorter and won’t be able to reach as high as adults, but their organization systems shouldn’t solely be designed to accommodate the size they are now. A closet system needs to be adaptable so it can grow with them and remain useful all the way from their toddler to teen years. This presents a unique challenge that you typically don’t have to consider when designing storage and organization solutions for any other space in your home. So, how do you make an adaptable storage and organization system that can change as your child grows? Our designers include adjustable shelving, rods, and cubbies and can introduce you to a variety of other storage features that can be adjusted to keep up with ever-changing needs and interests.

  1. The Durability of the System

If you’re planning for your child’s organization and storage system to last into their teen years, you also want to ensure that it’s durable and can withstand the changing configurations and wear. At Closet America, we’re dedicated to setting the standard for quality, so we engineer our custom organization solutions to stand the test of time and last for life. We always use high-quality materials and employ excellent craftsmanship in the elements of every system we build at our Landover, MD facility. Units are precisely cut, finished, and assembled by our highly skilled engineers and technicians. But this commitment to quality doesn’t end when a system is finished. We also have our own licensed installers, ensuring you don’t have to rely on subcontractors or worry about installing it yourself. They’ll take care of fitting your custom unit into its intended space and will even leave your home cleaner than they found it. We stand behind the durability of every closet storage and organization system we make, which is why we offer a lifetime service guarantee and a transferable double-lifetime warranty on every unit. This warranty protects each system against defects in material, installation, and labor. We guarantee free services for its life if you need help reconfiguring or adjusting something to better suit your child’s needs.

  1. Effective Storage Space for All Their Toys

Whether it’s stuffed animals, building blocks, outdoor equipment, craft materials, dress-up clothes, or any other kind of toy, they need a place to store them once playtime is over. All too often, the storage solution is little more than a toy chest or box that everything is thrown into. These storage options are inefficient and often take up a lot of valuable floor space, not to mention the fact that they’re probably something you wouldn’t want to use yourself. Anyone would prefer a storage solution that makes finding what you’re looking for easier rather than more difficult, so why should your children’s storage system for their toys be any different? Furthermore, having your kid shove all their toys in one place to keep them out of sight and out of mind teaches them bad organizational skills. Simply throwing possessions into a bin or closet in a disorganized fashion is a recipe for accumulating clutter and losing track of your things.

  1. Maximize Every Square Inch of Space

Another challenge you’re faced with when creating closet storage and organization systems for children is the limited space you have available. Kid’s rooms are often one of the smaller rooms in a home, and as such, have limited closet space. Some might not have any closet space at all. It can be difficult to figure out effective ways to store all their belongings without them taking over their room. At Closet America, we’re used to working on this kind of small scale and are no strangers to maximizing every inch of space available to create custom storage solutions that have a place for everything. Most people think that they need a vast walk-in closet space to benefit from a custom-built closet storage and organizational system, but our experts can create custom layouts that make the best use of any room.

Get in contact with us today to learn more about our custom closet design services and how they can help you get your child’s toys, clothes, electronics, and more organized!

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