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7 Custom Design Ideas to Add Style To Your DC Dream Closet

4 minute read, by Closet America, on May 3, 2016

Closets are too often utilitarian spaces devoid of charm and beauty. But these design ideas help you create an inviting space that expresses your personality.

Out of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is the place you can most fully let your style shine. As opposed to common living areas, the bedroom is a personal oasis, a space just for you. Chances are that you’ve put a lot of thought into making your bedroom both comfortable and beautiful, ensuring that everything from the paint color to the duvet to the knickknacks on your dresser are a reflection of your personal taste.

Your walk-in closet, however, may be a different story. Living in the DC area, chances are that your closet’s primary function is storing all the clothing items you need to accommodate our vastly changing seasons and your busy lifestyle. Too often, your closet becomes a utilitarian space devoid of charm and beauty, especially if you’re using off-the-rack storage options that limit opportunities for personalization. But closets don’t have to lack style; by putting as much thought and care into your closet space as you do your wardrobe, you can create an inviting space that lets you express your personality.

Adding Style To Your Walk-In Closet

Custom-designed closets give you near-infinite possibilities for creating functional storage solutions for even the most challenging organizational problems. But customization isn’t limited to just organization; personalized closet systems let you incorporate your own style into your walk-in closet, combining form and function in one beautiful package. Here are some ideas for how to dress up to your walk-in closet, and how customized solutions can make your dream closet happen:

#1 Decorate Your Walls

Customized closets let you make the most of your wall space both functionally and aesthetically; because there are no chunky, solid backs as part of each storage element, you have the option of painting or wallpapering the wall behind your closet system to create a tailored, elegant look. Carrying the color scheme of your bedroom into your closet creates a feeling of cohesiveness and continuity as the two rooms flow into each other. Alternatively, a contrasting accent wall that complements your bedroom gives your closet a special touch while still maintaining its ties to the larger space. 

#2 Make the Most of Shelving

Shelves aren’t just for clothes storage. A shelf above a half-height wardrobe bar or drawers can serve as a custom-made vanity where you can display accessories, knick-knacks, and family photographs for a personal touch. Whether solely for decoration or as a space to get ready for the day, creating a lovely area for your belongings can make your closet feel like home.

#3 Incorporate Furniture

Whether it’s a cozy chair, an upholstered bench, or an antique armoire, furniture is one of the most effective ways of making your closet feel like a true extension of your home. Custom-built closets can be designed specifically to accommodate and complement the pieces you want to place in your space to make sure furnishings and built-in elements work together, both in terms of appearance and space. By including special pieces, you transform your closet into a warm, inviting space you’ll want to linger in.

#4 Add Art

Artwork adds beauty to walls and allows you to express your personality, so why not put it in the closet? Whether hung on walls, placed on shelves, or displayed on a picture ledge, artwork can add a truly special touch. Unfortunately, unorganized closets can often barely contain your clothes, never mind your art; custom closet organization solves this problem by making everything fit perfectly and giving you the space you need to integrate your favorite artwork. If you have a special piece you’d like to showcase, a custom closet can be configured to make sure it stays in the spotlight.

#5 Mood Lighting

A well-lit closet can not only make it easier to find clothes in the morning, it can also make it a more inviting and pleasant space. Overhead lighting can be combined with undermount, cabinet, and drawer lights to make sure everything is illuminated, and the soft luminescence can create a soothing ambiance. Add motion sensors to your lighting for high-tech convenience.

#6 Mirror, Mirror

Whether elaborate or minimalist, well-placed mirrors help reflect light and create the illusion of expanded space, while also letting you make sure you look your best. Of course, you don’t have to stop at a single mirror; multiple mirrors let you check your outfit from multiple angles, and lend a feeling of luxury to your closet.

#7 Use Beautiful Materials

Custom closet solutions give you a range of options for personalizing the appearance of your closet, whether you want the fixtures to match your bedroom or create a whole new look. With choices of finishes and styles, your closet’s drawers and shelves can go traditional or modern—or something in-between—to suit your taste and the style of your home.  And don’t forget the hardware: the right drawer pulls and metal finishes can make a big difference in the final appearance of your closet.

The Beauty of Custom Closet Design

When you choose to create a custom-built closet system, you open up a world of design possibilities and get the opportunity to add style and personality to a formerly drab space. At Closet America, we understand the importance of both form and function in your storage spaces, and create tailored solutions that let you add your personal touch to each. During our in-home design process, we work hand-in-hand with you to get to know your needs and tastes, to come up with the perfect design scheme for your dream closet, using the elements and materials you want. Whether you’re looking to incorporate a special color scheme, highlight a favorite object, or transform your closet into a dressing room, we can help you realize your vision and create a personalized space you will enjoy for years.

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