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How a Custom Built Walk In Closet Can Change Your Life

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Sep 6, 2018

Having a custom-built walk-in closet can be life-changing. It gives you the chance to create the closet you’ve always dreamed of and even the most extravagant features.

Having a custom-built walk-in closet can be life-changing. It gives you the chance to create the closet you’ve always dreamed of and even the most extravagant features. Have you thought about hanging a crystal chandelier in your walk-in closet? Or, installing a floor-to-ceiling mirror on the wall behind shelving, creating a boutique-like display? If you can dream it, a Closet America design expert is able to do it.

It may sound like a tall order—after all, a closet is still a closet. But it’s also more than that. At Closet America, we’ve transformed enough spaces to see how a custom walk-in closet can make a huge difference in people’s lives. A custom-built walk-in closet is like the hidden gem of a home, second only in importance to the kitchen. It supports your lifestyle.

An organized closet offers all the items you need, easy to reach and in plain sight, whenever you need them most. The perfect closet can simplify your life by making your space airy and clutter-free. A closet can keep you prepared for a big event—such as the holidays—by neatly storing your decorations and having them within reach. In the bedroom, a custom-built walk-in closet is essential for getting dressed in the morning and for preparing you for bed at night. Here are five ways you can customize your walk-in closet and change your life for the better.

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Tip #1: Have a Custom Built Walk In Closet Installed in your Master Bedroom

No room in the home can benefit from a custom-built walk-in closet quite like the master bedroom. It’s the room—and closet—you use every day. Customizing this room’s closet makes your sanctuary away from the world even more inviting. By organizing and storing items out of the bedroom and into the closet to free up more living space, you’re able to make sure items like your favorite pair of earrings or cufflinks don’t get misplaced. And, having a custom-built walk-in closet in the master bedroom is the ultimate in-home luxury that raises your home’s resale value, just in case you were thinking of eventually selling. Just imagine, walking into your custom-built closet and seeing all of your beautiful clothes, shoes, and handbags artfully arranged. It’s a simple indulgence that can provide you with peace of mind.

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Tip #2: Double Your Storage Capacity with Closet Accessories

Having more space to stash away your items can help you lead a decluttered lifestyle. One quick and easy way to get more storage capacity out of your closets is by using installing simple accessories. Try any of these solutions for a fast, space-freeing fix.

  • Hanging, over-the-door shoe organizers are an easy way to organize the shoes you wear most often.

  • Scarf holders with snag-free loops can hang on the closet rod to store scarves, ties, and other accessories.

  • Multi-tier swinging arm hangers can hold multiple pairs of pants by using vertical space.

  • Pocketed jewelry organizers can hold many earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or rings and make them easy to find through clear plastic windows.

  • Vinyl hanging handbag storage bags store clunky, space-wasting handbags and keep them dust-free.

For long-term ways to increase your storage capacity, you can install customized closet hardware, including:

  • Closet islands and peninsulas that create counter and storage space

  • Shoe shelves that adjust to fit all types of shoes

  • Elegant, secure jewelry storage

  • Hideaway ironing boards

  • Full-extension slide-out belt racks

  • Soft-close drawers that shut smoothly and quietly

  • Slide-out tie racks to keep your ties organized

Tip #3: Divide Closet Space Between Family Members

Most people don’t know it, but customizing your walk-in closet can make your life more peaceful. Sharing and allocating closet space equally between spouses or siblings can prevent spats or lost items. And, it makes getting ready for school or work less stressful. You can divvy up closet space by installing wardrobe lifts that organize upward or by adding custom dressers or islands that make natural barriers in your closet. These space-diving tips might also work:

  • Get rid of any items you can part with, as having fewer things to put into closets makes dividing up space faster and easier.

  • Organize your closets together, so that everyone can make sure their most important items go into a convenient location.

  • Store seasonal items like coats or galoshes on the highest shelves and keep the items you use more frequently front and center.

  • Don’t focus on giving everyone an equal amount of space, but giving everyone the amount of space they need and will actually use.

  • Label storage boxes with each person’s name—and don’t forget they can also stack on the floor.

Tip #4: Arm Yourself with Professional Organization Tips

Professional organizers have seen all sorts of design challenges and know how to work around them. So why not make your life easier by putting professional organization tips to work in your storage areas? Check out our blog for more tips from closet design experts. And try some of these expert ideas the next time you run into a challenge.

  • Organize items based on frequency of use, putting the things you need every day in the center of eye- or shoulder-level shelves.

  • Group your clothes and accessories into matching outfits and store them in mix-and-match “modular” sections so you’ll always have something to wear on the go.

  • Always know which clothes are clean by making a space for dirty laundry with chrome laundry hampers with removable liners.

  • Clean out clothes you never wear or items you don’t use on a regular basis and you’ll always have room for something new.

  • When you’ve used up every inch of space, consult a design professional to expand your closet.

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Tip #5: Consult the Professionals

Sometimes organizing your closet can be too big of a challenge to undertake alone. It can be a big job and a closet design expert can spot problem areas and come up with unique solutions for your home. So don’t let your closets drive you crazy. Contact a design professional who can help you renovate cluttered spaces throughout your home. Expert craftsmen can build closet customized features down to the tiniest of details. And isn’t that better than fumbling with a hammer and nails on your home?

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