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Custom Home Office Desk Ideas for Creating an Ideal Workspace

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Jul 16, 2019

Our design experts have plenty of custom home office desk ideas to help you find workspace inspiration.

When you work at home, you need a spot to call your own where you can roll up your sleeves, spread out your things, and get down to business. It doesn’t matter so much where it is. Maybe you have your very own home office with your name on the door, or maybe you’re crammed into one corner of the rec room. In either case, you won’t get much done without your own personal workspace. Most of all, you need a desk—the right desk, with the right organizational system around it. Not sure where to start planning? Our design experts have plenty of custom home office desk ideas to help you find your inspiration.

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Custom Home Office Desk Ideas for Every Space

Your work area has to reflect your work activities for you to feel comfortable there. If you spend your day working at your computer, you need one kind of desk. It’ll be different from the one used by a crafter who spreads patterns, samples, and models out across their entire work area. Another variable is the space you are utilizing to create a custom home office. Let’s take a look at some of the options you have.


A businessperson who spends the day at their desk writing and speaking on the telephone may like a large desk in the middle of the room. This is the kind of desk that looks good in dark wood tones with moldings along the edges. Alternatively, you may prefer an elegant, minimalist desk with ultra-clean and simple lines that holds no more than the computer, a cell phone or two, and a cup of coffee. 

Either type of desk can be custom built, with drawers beneath the work surface, if you want, or not. If you are a people person and you have clients or associates who come in, you can plan the space in front of your desk, where your visitors will sit and face you. You can place a chair or two on the other side of the desk, maybe something overstuffed and inviting, or wooden with a hard seat, depending on your business and style preference. 

You may prefer to position your desk against the wall, especially when you are sharing space in a room with other functions. You may choose to have your desk perpendicular to a window if you want a great view but don’t want to strain your eyes while on your computer—or, if your work is more hands-on, you may want your desk to face the window to work with more natural light.


If you are looking for a less formal arrangement that takes up less room, a peninsula might be what you need. This works especially well if you have a corner space and you can install a wrap-around organization system so that your shelves and drawer meld with your desk. A peninsula is particularly suitable you are going for a sleek, modern design, as it can be made structurally quite minimal—a countertop with legs at one end.

A peninsula or island might also be especially appropriate for handicrafts because they provide the greatest amount of workspace. Your storage needs are probably greater as well, so the organization system surrounding the desk will need to be planned very carefully. You may need to store supplies and your stock of finished product. A whiteboard or pinboard may be incorporated into the design for display purposes and you may want customized shelves, if not glass-fronted cabinets, for that purpose too.

Shelves and Cabinetry

Don’t forget about your backdrop! Having an organization system on the wall is a good idea for practical reasons—plus, it helps with staging the room’s décor. You can maintain some formality by placing your printer and other office equipment in cabinets next to filing space for your inescapable paper documents, and the shelves above can hold a device to play music, a few thick, serious-looking books, a vase, and a couple of awards. (Your youngest daughter’s tennis participation awards, for instance, would look great there.) More importantly, you can match your wall unit to your desk and the décor of the rest of the room. 

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Creating Your Perfect Custom Home Office Desk

The best way to plan your ideal desk and workspace is in conjunction with a design expert. You can make an appointment for a free consultation with a designer from Closet America to talk about organization and storage solutions, design elements, finishes and the other details that are critical for making your home office just what you have in mind. 

Concerned about quality? Closet America uses the highest quality materials, like ¾-inch thermo-fused laminate shelves. They look nice, are easy to clean, and never sag. All of our systems are floor-standing and our drawers are constructed with dovetails. Every one of our systems is made to order in our Landover, MD facility using the highest-quality components and most advanced engineering. We are so proud of our work that everything comes with a transferrable double lifetime warranty and a lifetime service guarantee.

Contact Closet America today to make your custom home office desk ideas come to life.  


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