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The Key to Organizing Small Spaces Is Custom Design

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Jun 18, 2019

Organizing small spaces is easy when your solutions are customized to fit your home and lifestyle perfectly.

Everyone knows DC area real estate is valuable. That includes every square foot of your home, even its small, underused nooks and crannies. These areas, such as small pantries, bedroom closets, entryways or linen closets, possess far more potential than you may imagine. You can use custom design strategies and space-saving solutions to organize even the smallest of areas and create useful space you didn’t know you had.

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Organizing Small Spaces is Easy With Custom Design

If you have small or oddly-shaped spaces in your home, you may have noticed that they get dirty or messy fast. But you can organize every space within your home (including small ones!) with the help of a professional designer. This is an expert who can carefully examine all of the small spaces in your home and envision new layouts and storage solutions that can give these underutilized areas new life. By measuring these spaces and evaluating the items you want to store within them, a design expert can come up with solutions you may never have considered.

But before the designer gets there, you can try some basic organization tips to create a little extra space yourself in the meantime. First, go through the items stored in small spaces frequently, and give or throw away clutter before it has a chance to accumulate. Then be selective about what new items you bring home. By doing these two simple things, you can greatly reduce clutter in small spaces while waiting for your design consultation.

When the designer gets there, they are going to look for unused, empty space. This can include space that’s way up by the ceiling or on the floor. Or, they may spot empty space around irregularly-shaped objects or shelves and envision a plan for using it. The professional helping you will use their creativity and design skills to re-imagine how the entire space can be used to hold your specific items. And what they come up with just might surprise you.

Small Pantries

Small kitchen pantries may be placed in hard-to-reach corners or tucked out of the way of the main kitchen area. Of course, it may be that your main kitchen pantries are too small to provide the full amount of storage you need. This causes a real problem for homeowners, as meal preparation, entertaining, grocery storage, and kitchen cleaning can’t go smoothly unless the items you need are front and center when you need them. Anyone who’s lost the chocolate chips while baking cookies knows this!

Custom design can give small pantries a new life, and offer handy solutions for storing the items you use every day. Adjustable shelving can be designed to fit the space and can hold kitchen tools, serving dishes or food. You can store beverages using slide-out wine and bottle racks that collapse when not in use. Storage drawers can be customized to fit the small pantry, providing space for serveware or small gadgets. All your jars, cans, and boxes can fit within chrome pull-out storage features. Bonus: all of these details will be durable and long-lasting, no matter how many times your kids slam the pantry door shut.

Small Bedroom, Coat, or Linen Closets

A small bedroom closet can be a pain, especially when you have a lot of clothes, shoes, and accessories to store. They can make it hard to get ready in the morning on time if they aren’t set-up to support your lifestyle. But custom design can create space in these closets and implement storage solutions that make the room look elegant and save you time.

A professional designer can order every component your closet needs and have it hand-made. Adjustable shoe shelves can be built around the space you have and can store shoes of any size or shape, for all seasons. Wardrobe lifts can use the vertical space at the top of the closet and can provide enough space for long robes or gowns to hang without getting wrinkled. And then there are details that can slide in and out, including belt and tie racks as valet rods. In a small closet, you want storage that can pop out when you need it and slide back in when you don’t, so you can make the most of every inch of your space.

Small Entryways

The backdoors or kitchen doors on a home are often surrounded by small entryways. Because these areas are small, they can get messy fast. As shoes and pets track in mud, kids drop backpacks and sporting equipment on the floor as soon as they walk in—and adults need somewhere to put down their coats or bags, too.

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Custom design can make small entryways feel less constrained. Lockers can be installed that fit the area perfectly; these can hold toys, work boots, tools, and more. Polished chrome hooks can be placed strategically to give you somewhere to hang your umbrella, hat, coat, or keys as soon as you walk in. Double hooks can be hung to hold heavy items like backpacks filled with books. Slide-out chrome baskets of any size can be added to hold anything you need to grab while on the go, such as gloves, scarves, sporting equipment, sunglasses, bug spray, or sunscreen. This makes small entryways more welcoming to come home to, any time of the year.

Free Up More Space in Your Home With Custom Design

The task of organizing small spaces isn’t a chore you need to tackle alone. You can have space-saving solutions custom-designed and tailor-made for all the small spaces in your home. Call to schedule a free consultation with one of our design experts, who will inspect your home’s challenging spaces and discuss your custom storage goals. Our design expert can create an interactive 3D model of your redesigned space, so you can imagine what it will look like before you make any commitment to buy. And there are many hardware features and details you can choose from to make your space-saving solution truly your own.

No pantry, closet, or entryway is so small that our designers can’t find a way to free up more room in it. Once you’ve chosen a design you like, any necessary shelving or storage solutions will be hand-built by our craftsmen. The resulting storage system will add value to your home and come with an industry-leading transferable warranty with a lifetime twice that of your home.

So contact Closet America today to find out what our design experts can do to uncover the hidden storage potential tucked away in the smaller corners and spaces of your home.


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