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The Pros and Cons of DIY Garage Renovation

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Jan 10, 2019

Before you pick up a hammer, screwdriver, or drill, take a few minutes to consider the pros and cons of DIY garage renovation.

The internet and social media are full of do-it-yourself (DIY) garage renovation ideas. Thousands of pictures of before and after, how-to videos, complete plans for building custom fixtures, and hundreds of proprietary products intended to bring better organization to your garage. Indeed, they can be very inspiring, and if you’re handy around the house you might be thinking about tackling the project yourself.

But before you sketch out a design, before you make a purchase at a big-box store, before you pick up a hammer, screwdriver, drill, or any one of the many tools you’ll need during the course of your garage renovation project, take a few minutes to consider the pros and cons of DIY garage renovation.

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The Pros of DIY Garage Renovation

If you have the time, the talent, and the tools, and can turn your garage renovation ideas into reality, we envy you. It’s a rare individual who is so gifted. With a truly global commerce, there’s an endless range of materials, components, and accessories to choose from. The local DIY store has aisles of products. Online you’ll find endless aisles of products. For the talented individual with time, the entire process can be enjoyable, if you’ve had previous success with similar home renovation projects.

The Cons of DIY Garage Renovation

What if you don’t have a record of successful major home renovation projects but are still contemplating a DIY garage renovation project? A few things to consider to help you get a better idea of what’s involved and what you’ll need for success.

  • Do you have the skills to develop a garage renovation design that best utilizes the existing garage space to accommodate your storage needs?

  • Will you order/purchase materials and accessories at a local store or online?

  • Does the big-box storage systems have all the storage components and accessories you need?

  • Are there areas in your garage that require custom-fit storage components or accessories to “make it work?”

  • Have you accurately estimated how much time the garage renovation project will take?

  • Will automobiles be relegated to the driveway for the duration of the project?

We know of many homeowners highly-motivated to tackle a project like this who run out of steam or become perpetually delayed because of other priorities. In the worst case when you’ve stalled part-way through a project your garage remains unorganized and has less storage than ever.             

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The Pros of Working with a Custom Garage Storage Systems Company

If we’ve dampened your DIY enthusiasm with a reality check, you may soon thank us. We fully understand the value and enjoyment of a garage storage system that is custom-designed to meet your particular needs, be it better storage for sports or outdoor equipment, organized space for hobbies or crafts, or simply making it easier to park automobiles.

Hundreds of satisfied customers have told us why they opted to work with an experienced custom garage storage system and installation company. Some of the key reasons they’ve mentioned include:

  • The quickest way to achieve the high-quality results they wanted—a design tailored to their specific needs

  • A design with components and accessories that truly optimized their garage storage

  • Professional design, manufacturing, and installation experience that was far beyond anything a DIY project could deliver

  • Quality and selection of materials exceeded anything available from the big-box stores

  • Fast installation—usually completed in a day or less

None of these results come by chance. At Closet America we’ve perfected the process of transforming ideas into reality. It begins with a free in-home consultation to determine your storage needs.

Free In-Home Consultation to Gather Your Ideas

Our professional designer carefully evaluates your garage space, discusses your needs and renovation ideas, and brings samples of the quality materials and accessories we use to create custom garages. From this detailed consultation, our designer creates a 3D model of the proposed garage renovation. This gives you an opportunity to take a look at the finished project, make changes to the layout, propose different finishes, or add accessories like metal baskets, bike hooks, and garden tool racks to further optimize garage storage. Once you’ve settled on a design, the 3D model will then be used in the manufacturing process.

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Masterful Manufacturing Via Computers and Craftsmen

We’ve invested in computer technology to ensure the components of your garage storage system are precisely manufactured and assembled. Our experienced craftsmen thoroughly inspect every item before protecting them with padding and placing them in our custom-designed vans for safe delivery.

Installation That Transforms Your Garage in Less Than a Day

On installation day our professional installers arrive with all the components and accessories of your custom-designed garage storage system. Computer design and manufacturing ensure a perfect fit. Hidden wall supports and leveling legs compensate for any slope or unevenness in garage walls and floor. Installation is usually completed in a day or less. Installers do a thorough clean up, leaving you to enjoy your new garage storage system, start filling the shelves, cabinets, baskets, and racks, and begin experiencing a new level of organization

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A Few More Garage Renovation Tips to Kickstart Your Imagination

We’ve given garage storage systems and renovations quite a bit of thought. A few of our many blogs may inspire some creative thinking and provide additional perspective on the advantages of working with a professional garage storage system company.  

If you still have the urge for a DIY garage renovation project, let us handle the heavy lifting first. After we install your new garage system that brings better organization to all your tools and work areas, you’ll be well prepared to tackle any DIY final touches such as building a custom mobile workbench, resurfacing the floor with a durable epoxy finish, or any of the hundreds of ideas on Pinterest that let you fine-tune your garage work and storage areas.

The Only DIY Thing You Really Need to Do Is Call Us

Closet America is the leader in garage renovation and remodeling in the Northern Virginia, DC, and Baltimore areas. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to create custom-designed storage to better organize your garage. Schedule a free consultation with the Closet America team. We’ll meet you at a time convenient to your schedule, and develop a garage renovation plan that will dramatically improve storage and organization.



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