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Working from Home Thanks to Northern VA Winter Weather? Invest in a Custom Home Office

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Apr 7, 2017

Working at home thanks to lingering winter storms in Northern Virginia? A custom home office can help keep you cozy and productive.

Working from home can be a real benefit to some, and a drag to others. When you’re forced to get your tasks done at home because late winter storms keep you barricaded indoors, you might not be prepared to be your best productive self from the coziness of your living room sofa.

Spring may be officially here, but the snow is still coming down from unpredictable nor’easters in NOVA, which means more and more commuters have been forced to do their work from home to avoid crazy traffic or a cracked windshield. It’s a good time to start thinking about an investment that will make your working from home far more productive and rewarding next time the storm hits: a custom home office.

custom home office

Creating a Room of One’s Own

Imagine walking ten steps to get to your very own office, warmth-radiating coffee cup in hand, and being able to close the door for a perfectly insulated productive zone. Whether you’re a government worker commuting to capitol hill every morning in a suit and tie or you’re an entrepreneur working to build your own business in the booming DC Metro Area, a custom home office is beneficial to the health of your work life—especially when it’s snowing.

Creating a home office space entails much more than simply throwing together a desk, a few shelves, and a file cabinet. It starts with finding the room’s most logical flow. A thoughtfully constructed layout can help you be even more productive on the days that you’re stuck at home. There’s a sense of peace that comes from a symmetrical design that the normal hodge-podge of office furniture just can’t compare to.

custom home office

Build in Extra Storage Space

When you’ve got an entire room to work with, you will be surprised at how much additional storage space we can wrangle out of your spare bedroom. Home office closets are often stuffed with supplies and files that you didn’t have anywhere else to store—and that’s assuming that your condo in Alexandria currently has a spare closet that’s not being used to house winter coats. But with custom design, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry can provide you with a lifetime of new space for storing your important documents.

Depending on what your home office requires, we can configure a different combination of closed cabinets, file drawers, and open shelving to perfectly house your collection of office miscellanea. Have a government law career that requires you to keep immaculate paper records from 10 years prior? An entire wall of custom-built file drawers will outshine (and outperform) any standard file cabinet you could cart home, every time. The goal here is to create a home office that rivals the space you occupy in DC every other morning.

custom home office

Shine a Light on Your Productivity

Especially in older-style Northern Virginia row houses, spare bedrooms (if they exist) tend to be the dark corners of the house that rarely see traffic. You may not have a sprawling mansion lit by the sight of a thousand south-facing windows—in most cases, you’re lucky to have one. And there’s nothing less inspiring than a dark room devoid of proper illumination.

When you’re working from home during the winter months, you’ll especially appreciate the soft glow of built-in LED lighting. This is one of the elements that really sets custom design apart from anything you could purchase from your local big box store. Recessed accent lighting adds backlight to your workspace, highlights particular objects or awards, and creates a stunning professional finish. This also provides a sophisticated backdrop for any video conference calls you’ll be making from your home location during the work day.

Partnering with a custom design gives you the option of creating the home office of your dreams—without all the hassle of wondering how it’s going to turn out in the end. When you schedule your free design consultation with a Closet America team member, we’ll use 3D design software to display your design exactly as it will appear in your home. You’ll be able to imagine everything in its place perfectly. Reach out to us today to get started on making your working life just as productive at home as it is in the city.



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Closet America was able to work with my unique circumstances in order to give me the best use of my space.

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