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What is a Valet Rod? Reasons Why Valet Clothing Hanger Rods Work for Every Closet

3 minute read, by Adrian Tucker, on Mar 21, 2022

Do you ever get frustrated that you can’t find a good spot to hang up your clothes while you’re trying to pick out the perfect outfit for the next day? Need a place to hang a damp piece of clothing so it has enough air to completely dry without wrinkles forming? Oftentimes, people will resort to hanging clothes from a doorknob or trying to balance them precariously from the top of an open door, but there’s a much better way. A valet rod can help solve many of these common problems we all face on an almost daily basis. A valet rod for closet spaces is an essential closet accessory that everyone needs to make their life that little bit easier.

What is a Valet Rod?

As closet design experts, we often get asked “what is a valet rod?” by our clients, but the fact is that most people already know what valet rods are, just not that they have a specific name.

So, what is a valet rod? A valet rod for closet spaces is simply a small rod for hanging up clothing or accessories like backpacks and purses. A valet rod closet addition is not intended to replace a normal closet rod. Instead, it is mainly used as a temporary place to hang up garments. Since they’re intended for temporary use, valet rods are usually retractable or can fold away when not in use so they aren’t taking up unnecessary space.

Valet rod closet additions are typically mounted to the bottom of a fixed shelf or on the side of a closet panel, but the mounting possibilities don’t end there. They’re often included in custom closet designs but installing one to add some additional functionality to existing storage space is fairly easy. Most require a four-screw installation process you can do in an afternoon.

Why Do You Need a Valet Rod?

A valet rod for closet space is an incredibly versatile accessory and has more uses than you’d think.

One of the more obvious uses for valet rod closet addition is to help with drying out clothes that shouldn’t be dried all the way in a dryer or at all. This includes bathing suits, pantyhose or tights, anything made from leather, silk, lingerie, and other delicate fabrics, certain sweaters, and garments with sequins, stones, or other embellishments. Valet rods offer a convenient place for these items to air-dry so you don’t have to hang them from a shower rod or doorknob.

A valet rod for closet spaces also provides a perfect place for you to hang your dry cleaning rather than laying it on the bed or elsewhere.

If you’re one to plan your outfits, valet rod closet additions are perfect for you. Just pick out the clothes you want to wear the next day and hang them on the valet rod so they’re ready to go in the morning. That way, you won’t be scrambling to find our outfit last minute. A valet rod for closet spaces also lets you easily build an outfit and swap out different pieces until you find the perfect combination rather than holding them up to yourself in the mirror.

A valet rod for closet spaces will help you when packing for travel. Many people find it helpful to use valet rods to hang up their outfits together in one place, making it more efficient to pack with everything not all over the place.

Of course, the uses don’t end there. We’re sure you can think of plenty of other ways you can make valet rods useful in your closet space and wonder how you could have lived without them before.

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