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The Best Way to Store Neckties: Hangers and Necktie Storage Organizers for Your Closet

3 minute read, by Adrian Tucker, on Mar 21, 2022

When it comes to organization, tie storage probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but it is extremely important for anyone who wears ties for work or simply likes to look smart and dress up on occasion. Neckties are delicate and impressionable additions to an outfit, but if you aren’t careful with how you store them, they can get permanently creased, wrinkled, or otherwise damaged. Their unique size and shape also mean that neckties can become easily lost or misplaced. Considering how much money some spend on ties, tie storage is an essential part of any well-organized closet space.

Most people will think of a closet tie rack as a suitable solution for tie storage, but it’s hardly the only one. And depending on your space and organization style, it may not even be the best tie storage solution. There are many variations on the classic closet tie rack, so you should have no issue finding a tie hanger for closet use that may suit your needs and your space perfectly. Below you’ll find five ingenious ways you can store your neckties so they’re kept in good condition, and you always have access to them when you need to.

Pull Out Tie Rack

A closet tie rack doesn’t have to be stationary, and with a pull-out tie rack you can easily slide ties out when you need to access them and slide them back in place, going out of sight after you’ve picked out the perfect one for the day’s outfit. This kind of closet tie rack is typically used on the far ends of a reach-in closet, but it can be installed in a number of different places. Installation is fairly easy and can be done by yourself in an afternoon, and they’re a great addition to your custom closet plans.

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Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers are another tie storage solution that’s at your fingertips when you need them and hidden away when you don’t. They’re a great storage solution for those who don’t want to bother with the installation of any kind of closet tie rack or just like using drawers and having everything hidden away until it’s needed. This form of tie storage can maximize space and also create an attractive display if you opt for clear drawers.

Built-In Tie Rack

When creating a custom closet, consider including a built-in tie rack in the design. A built-in tie rack is by far the most sophisticated form of tie storage, and it gives you as much room as you need since it’s been specifically designed to accommodate your collection of neckties.

Pull-Out Tie Cabinet

Another great option to keep in mind when you’re designing your own closet is a pull-out tie cabinet. This kind of closet tie rack easily hides away when you don’t need your collection of ties out but still keeps ties separated and neatly hung pull-out tie cabinets are typically rather large, making them perfect for the kind of person with a large collection of neckties.

Tie Hooks

Tie hooks are nifty little gadgets that can be easily mounted to flat surfaces. Most people affix them to a wall inside their closet or on the backside of the door, but their mounting versatility means the possibilities are virtually endless. Tie hooks help keep ties neatly separated and displayed so you can always have a good view of your collection and easily find what you’re looking for.

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