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Straight Talk About Clothes Hangers

2 minute read, by Closet America, on Aug 3, 2015

Let’s be honest. How often do you actually think about the cheap clothes hangers in your closet? Are they all the same material? Do you have a collection of metal wire hangers with a paper ‘Thank You’ sign from your local dry cleaner? Is there a random velvet-lined hanger that you’ve never used, you have no recollection of obtaining, and you don’t know what to do with? Just us? OK.

Every different type of hanger has its pros and cons. You don’t need an expensive cedar hanger for your t-shirt, but a weak wire hanger isn’t the best option for your nicest suit. Read below to learn about the best hangers, what makes each wardrobe hanger special, and find out which hangers are best suited for which occasions.

Wire Hangers

Every time you pick up your clothes from the dry cleaner, you come home with a bundle of wire hangers. Though they are a great short-term solution, wire hangers won’t support your clothes well for long. They’re simply too flimsy and they collapse under the weight of heavier garments. Their shape, with the sharp edges, will often leave marks on the shoulders of shirts that you won’t be able to remove, even with ironing. Your best bet to preserve your clothes is to turn to one of the hanger alternatives listed below.

Molded Plastic Hangers

A nice alternative to wire hangers, plastic hangers are perfect for lightweight garments. Instead of sharp edges, molded plastic hangers have wide, rounded shoulders that won’t leave marks. Plastic hangers are also much more durable than wire hangers, as they hold their shape and usually have a strong hook that’s either the same plastic material or metallic.

Cedar Hangers

Cedar hangers add an extra layer of protection to your garments. Since they are a natural repellant, they keep moths and their larvae – both of which can damage your clothing significantly – away from the closet. They also act as natural deodorizers, as their scent masks odors, and the exposed natural wood absorbs moisture, preventing mildew and mold. Cedar hangers are incredibly durable and long-lasting, and they take no special effort to maintain.

Wood Hangers

Wood hangers, like cedar hangers, are incredibly durable and are ideal for suits, jackets, coats, and heavy garments. Most often made from cherry, walnut, or ash, these hangers will hold their shape under any type of fabric. Since they are a little wider than wire or plastic hangers, wood hangers actually serve to keep clothes from hanging too close to each other. That extra space allows air circulation and less rubbing together, preserving your clothes longer, and keeping them fresher.

Padded Hangers

Bow chicka bow wow. Padded hangers for closets are perfect for lingerie, nightgowns, and delicate garments. Smooth fabrics, like satin, cover these hangers, keeping clothes from sliding and eliminating snags. Some even have buttons sewn on the ends, which further prevents straps from sliding off the hanger. Padded hangers add just a touch of luxuriousness to any closet.

There are many other types of closet hangers out there. Customized hangers exist for just about every type of garment, from Halloween costumes to ball gowns. Use certain hangers for their specific purposes and your clothes will thank you.

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