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Shoe Storage Systems: The Best Ways to Organize Shoes in a Closet

2 minute read, by Closet America, on May 25, 2023

Plenty of people are more passionate about shoes than any other part of their wardrobe. Many like to have a pair of shoes – or several – for every occasion and delight in having a wide variety of footwear options to choose from.

However, shoes are also one of the most challenging sections of a wardrobe to organize and store, especially if you have a large shoe collection. They can take up a lot of room, and it’s hard to find an accessible way to store them, with their variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. From flats and sandals to heels and boots, it might seem impossible to find a shoe organizer for closet spaces that accommodates them all. Don’t despair, because there are a variety of racks and shelves for shoes that can handle your collection.

Avoid the frustration and clutter of a shoe pile on the floor or boxes stacked on top of boxes with these shoe storage ideas from Closet America!

Tilted Shoe Shelves

A tilted shoe shelf for closet spaces keeps your shoes on display and easily accessible. This way, you can see all your options when trying to decide what goes the best with an outfit. The downward slant of the shelves makes it easy to reach in to grab the pair you need or put a pair back. It also helps ensure even shoes on the top shelf won’t be hard to see. A tilted shoe shelf for closet spaces can be adjustable as well. This ensures your shoe shelf doesn’t take up any more space than it needs to and can better accommodate both taller and short footwear options like boots or sandals.

Straight Shelves

Although it is a basic storage solution, straight shoe shelving is still very effective. Like a tilted shoe shelf for closet spaces, straight shelving keeps your shoes in premium condition (assuming you don’t stack pairs on top of one another, which we don’t recommend). A tilted shelf has more visibility and convenience, but a straight shelf is a little more secure than a tilted shoe shelf because shoes sit on a flat surface and have nowhere to slip or slide.

Hidden Storage

Hidden storage can be as simple as a sliding door that conceals a tilted shoe shelf for your closet or something more elaborate like a cabinet that you can pull out of the wall to reveal shelving for shoes. This kind of shoe storage is ideal for footwear you don’t wear very often and thus don’t need easy access to, like winter boots. Hidden storage is also a great solution if you want an added layer of security to protect some of the most prized shoes in your collection.

Custom Shoe Storage 

While straight shelving for shoes, hidden storage, and tilted shoe shelves for closet spaces are all excellent shoe storage options, you might need something tailored to your collection and your needs. Many people with impressive shoe collections opt for a custom-built storage route to match their exact needs. After all, if you’re that passionate about shoes, why settle for something that doesn’t fit or show off your collection? A custom shoe organizer for closet spaces also allows you to design something that combines your favorite features of these other storage options.

Whether a tilted shoe shelf for closet spaces will help keep you organized, or you’d prefer custom shoe storage, the experts at Closet America can design, build, and install the storage solution you need. Contact us today to get started – we can’t wait to see what your collection looks like!


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