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Multifunctional Murphy Bed Plans for Each Room in Your Home

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Mar 24, 2023

Today, it seems like everyone is looking for unique and creative ways to maximize their living spaces. With modern home renovations trending towards maximizing storage space, Murphy beds have emerged as one of the most popular solutions. A Murphy bed can make any room a multifunctional space, helping you take back some valuable square footage in your home or apartment. They can be designed to accommodate any style and fit the needs of any space. In addition, Murphy beds are just as comfortable as conventional beds while taking up significantly less space.

There are many different styles of Murphy Beds that can be applied to any room, from the classic guest room design to a modern entertainment center. Check out these multifunctional Wall Bed plans from Closet America and get inspired today!

Murphy Bed for Home Office

As remote work has gotten more popular, home offices have become essential. However, most people don’t have an extra room in their home to convert into a functional home office where they can work comfortably and productively. If you’re frustrated with working from the kitchen table or your couch, consider a space-saving solution like a Murphy bed with cabinets or a Murphy bed entertainment center. When folded up, the bed is hidden behind a large exterior façade that resembles cabinetry, giving you a professional backdrop for video calls. When it’s time for bed, or you need an afternoon nap to recharge, move your desk chair out of the way and pull the bed down.

Murphy Bed for Guest Room

The guest room Murphy bed is a classic space-saving solution. Guest rooms have been the most popular space for Murphy beds over the past several decades, and they are still great for saving space today. Having an entire room that is unused most of the time is impractical for many people, but necessary unless guests are being delegated to the living room couch. A guest room Murphy bed is the perfect solution. It allows for the space to be used for a variety of other purposes when guests are not staying over but can conveniently transform to offer accommodations when necessary.

Living Rooms

If you don’t have the space to give a guest their own room or you live in a studio apartment with a very open floor plan, a Murphy bed entertainment center can be a great addition to your living room. A Murphy bed entertainment center will give you so much more space during the daytime and can be designed to blend in with the rest of the décor seamlessly. Many Murphy bed entertainment centers feature a TV as a part of the front façade, saving you even more space because you won’t have to find another place in your living room to put it. With the right design and materials, a Murphy bed entertainment center can even be the focal point of the space, just like a traditional media and entertainment center would.

Kids Room

Kids need plenty of space for play, and cabinet Murphy beds enable you to keep most of the floor space available for them to spread out with their toys and let their imagination run wild before bedtime. If you have two little ones sharing the same room, Murphy bunk beds can be a great space-saving solution.

A small living space doesn’t have to be a problem, and Murphy beds are one of the most effective ways to do so in any room. Wall Beds make your spaces more functional and, when thoughtfully designed, will even complement the existing style and décor. Closet America uses high-quality materials and craftsmanship in every design, which is why we stand behind every Wall Bed system we design and manufacture. Contact one of our expert designers today to schedule a free consultation or explore other space-saving solutions on our website.

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