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Moving to NoVa for More Space? Custom Closet Design Helps Your Children’s Rooms Stay Organized

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Feb 22, 2017

Moving to a larger house is wonderful, but clutter builds up quickly. Custom closet design helps your NoVA home continue to feel spacious even after move-in.

DC is a wonderful place to live. Gorgeous architecture, neighborhoods full of character—but, as with any major metropolitan area, once you start a family, your priorities tend to shift. I’ve talked to a number of clients in the DC area who have kids on the way and are already planning a migration to Northern Virginia.

If you’re hunting for additional space and great schools, NoVa has a lot to offer. But even with extra elbow room,  you still have to think smartly about how you’re using your space—especially in a kid’s room. All of the books, toys, and clothing you accumulate from friends and family add up at a rapid rate.

Adults often use closet space solely for clothing, but since children’s wardrobes aren’t as extensive, a custom walk-in storage system is a great way to accommodate toys and books and keep the rest of the room (mostly!) tidy. Here are some design ideas I’d especially recommend.

Store Non-Daily-Use Items in Your Closet

Stuffed animals that keep multiplying, books that never get read, trophies and awards—I’d strongly suggest storing all of these in the closet. There’s no need for them to take up bedroom space. Our slide-out chrome baskets are especially great for stuffed animals, and a mix of small and large baskets will let you accommodate a range of sizes.

Adjustable shelving is fantastic for books and other memorabilia (very similar to how adults might create shelving for a shoe wall). Just don’t be afraid of actually adjusting the shelves.  Soccer trophies and football helmets, for example, are likely to need a lot of clearance, but there’s no reason they can’t fit in a custom closet.

For smaller items, like medals and keepsakes (maybe the lost teeth your kid left for the tooth fairy?), consider drawers with double-tiered accessory trays. The small compartments in these trays are typically used for jewelry, but they’re a surprisingly great way to keep kids’ items contained and more-or-less organized.

Make Your Child’s Closet Look Like a Showcase

Rather than having one section of the closet for “extra” storage and one section for clothing, I’d also suggest blending both categories throughout the walk-in. This creates miniature display areas and allows the space to feel like a showcase (you might even pitch it to your child as a sort of personal museum).

Just keep in mind which items you’ll need to access on a regular basis. Things like piggy banks make great display items but should probably be placed on lower shelves so your child can actually use them. Your closet designer will also be able to offer more specific advice after taking an inventory of exactly what you’re hoping to store.

Don’t Forget

There are also a few accessories that will always be useful in a child’s closet storage system:

  • Drawers. You’d be surprised at how much extra space your child could have in his or her room if you integrate drawers into their custom closet instead of relying on a freestanding dresser.

  • A built-in hamper. It can feel like every day is laundry day when you have kids. A built-in hamper is a great way to conceal dirty clothes until you’re able to tackle them. And, again, a built-in tends to free up more floor space than a freestanding hamper.

  • A valet rod for outfit prep. Getting ready in the morning goes a lot more smoothly if you’re able to select clothing the night before. Valet rods let you hang everything in one location so that it’s wrinkle-free and ready to grab when the alarm rings.

With the right custom design, you can make sure that your NoVa home continues to feel spacious—and that your child’s closet actually fits their needs. We’ve worked with plenty of clients in Northern VA, so feel free to reach out for a free design consultation if you’re ready to get started.

Lead image credit: Flickr user Nannette Turner (CC BY 2.0)

Closet America was able to work with my unique circumstances in order to give me the best use of my space.

Amy B.,
Fairfax Station, VA

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