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Maximizing Closet Space: A Guide to Hanging Clothes & Spring Cleaning

2 minute read, by Closet America, on Mar 2, 2023

Spring is the season when everyone focuses on thoroughly cleaning, decluttering, and organizing their homes. It’s the time to start fresh along with the new season and tidy up from winter. If you plan on doing the same, don’t leave your closet out of your spring cleaning and spring organization plans. Check out our expert tips for how to hang your clothes to neaten up your closet!

Start by Removing Everything from Your Closet

Spring organization for closets starts with clearing everything out. This will allow you to see all the closet space you have to work with and gives you a better idea of everything that needs to be put back or stored away elsewhere.

As you’re pulling things out of your closet, you should start by sorting garments into two piles – one for clothes that you want to keep and one for clothes that you don’t need or want anymore. Once you’ve finished going through your closet, the second pile can be discarded, donated, or recycled. When doing this spring cleaning, keep a mirror close by in case you want to try on some things to see if they still fit and if you still like the style.

Categorize Clothes Before Putting Them Back 

Spring organization for closets is just as important as spring cleaning for closets because you don’t want the space to revert back to being messy and cluttered later. To get organized, divide all the clothes from your keep pile into separate categories. You can categorize them by color, style, type, or any other way that makes sense to you. However, to better prepare you for the next spring organization tip we have, we’d recommend sorting your clothes into categories based on how often you expect to wear them.

Put Clothes Back in the Closet in a Specific Order

At this point in spring cleaning your clothes, it’s time to put everything back in your closet. However, don’t start doing so haphazardly without any plan or direction. For spring organization, we recommend putting clothes back in your closet in a specific order so the things you wear more often are easily accessible. Put the clothes you only wear on special occasions back in your closet first, followed by the clothing you wear weekly, and then everyday wear.

How You Hang Your Clothes Matters

Many people stop closet spring cleaning after putting all their garments back in their closets. However, you shouldn’t, especially if you will be cleaning out your closet again next spring. When hanging clothes back up, pay attention to the direction the hanger is facing. Ensure that all garments are hung with the hanger facing in the same direction. After you wear something and put it back, hang it so the hanger is facing the opposite direction. This will allow you to see what pieces in your wardrobe are worn the most and which you haven’t touched. After a few months, you should consider discarding, donating, or recycling all the clothes you haven’t worn that are still hung the way they were when you put everything back in your closet.

Armed with these spring organization tips for closets, getting your closet more organized should be a breeze.

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