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Large Walk-In Pantry Ideas for Better Kitchen Organization

5 minute read, by Closet America, on May 19, 2021

Pantries are available in all shapes, sizes, and styles. And when you’re into cooking (or even just the eating part), the bigger the pantry, the better! But when you have a lot of kitchen items, bulk food, cookware, and spices, you may feel like you’re spending too much time managing and not enough time entertaining and enjoying the benefits of your kitchen and walk-in pantry.


The solution? Organize, organize, organize. It takes a bit of extra work upfront (though maybe less than you think, if you work with a good custom designer), but taking the time to put a solid organizational system for your pantry in place now will save you tons of time and energy that can be spent on cooking and eating all your wonderful kitchen creations instead.


The following large walk-in pantry ideas will help you decide on a layout, storage options, and other factors that will help you finally get your pantry in order—just the way you like it.

Large Walk-In Pantry Ideas for Better Kitchen Organization

The best large walk-in pantry ideas offer efficiency, functionality, and stylish pantry layout and design. By incorporating custom organization solutions, as well as expanding storage space when extra room is needed, you’ll experience the best, most organized results.

A Contemporary Walk-in Layout

Often, this type of kitchen features a large island or peninsula with a luxurious design and a granite countertop as an elegant focal point for incorporating or redesigning your kitchen style in a more contemporary, modern appeal. Not only does this offer value to your room but it also offers more counter space for things like fruit and snack bowls. And it automatically adds more cabinet area for storing away serving dishes, china, and partyware.


A clean and polished environment with simple kitchen clutter solutions can either be implemented through DIY or a custom designer. Here are some ideas for a contemporary walk-in pantry:

  • Incorporating a large walk-in pantry with an open or custom-designed doorway works especially well when your pantry is just behind your main cooking area or exists as a separate corridor.
  • Ensuring clean lines and a minimalist appeal with whites, blacks, and metal accents sets a beautiful, contemporary, and trendy feel.
  • Adding an open pantry shelving system with chrome wall hooks for all cookware, cooking utensils, and equipment.
  • Using modern, colorful, stainless steel, or metalcraft cookware as an art form instead of just tucking it away will make your contemporary statement complete.

Decorative touches like celebrity cookbooks, herbal gardens, and art deco wallpaper and sculpture pieces can further enhance this type of large walk-in kitchen pantry.

Corner Shelving for Your Pantry

A Mid-to-Large Cottage-Style Layout

Walk-in pantries are quite large. If your kitchen has a small-pane window with white shutters, it’s the perfect room for a cottage-style kitchen. In this case:

  • Adding white shelving and slide-out drawers to your existing pantry encourages a crisp, cottage appeal.
  • Including an upper white custom cabinet system above your sink and stove areas ensures better spice, cooking staple, and kitchen organization.

A round sitting nook completes this cottage-style layout and makes your mid-sized kitchen appear cozy and comfortable. Add a quaint white vase or pitcher of purple irises in the center for a final flourish.

A Practical Butler’s Pantry in a Narrow Adjacent Room

Often narrow, long rooms, butler pantries are less about the cabinetry and more about sleek shelving, slide-out drawers, and finding the right height, depth, and measurements for everything.


Ideas for a butler’s pantry include:


  • A uniquely laid-out pantry with a solid-colored accent wall for hanging floating and adjustable shelves for spices.
  • Chrome hooks for potholders and aprons.
  • Custom shelving with:
    • Chrome baskets to help organize bread loaves, bagels, and fresh fruit.
    • Slide-out wine and juice bottle racks for storing your favorite guest beverages for entertaining.
    • Lower-level velvet-lined drawers for china, crystal, and silverware. 

Butler accents like LED lighting can line the upper and lower base of your pantry, making your pantry more viewable even in the dark.

Putting a Pantry in the Garage

An Eclectic Chic Style with a Unique Layout

This type of walk-in is ideal for floor-to-ceiling lazy susans, making the most of your valuable corner space. Integrate chrome hooks to hang themed, colorful aprons and potholders. You can also add:


  • Fresh flowers in a chic vase stored atop your kitchen cabinetry.  
  • Themed wallpaper lining your pantry’s walls.

A bright, boldly-painted shiplap just behind your adjustable shelving unit makes for an attractive feature for this style of pantry. Terra cotta storage jars with simple labels can further improve your organization while keeping in line with your overall style.

A Timeless, Classic-Style Kitchen with a 4×4 Pantry

This layout includes rich colors for your kitchen and your pantry, complemented by classic treasures like a crystal chandelier in the main kitchen area and glass-front cabinetry to intimately inspire guests. Here, you can highlight your antique kitchenware behind glass doors and include decorative and organization elements such as:


  • A soft rose or cream backsplash around the base of the kitchen counters that lends a romantic and sophisticated touch. 
  • Soft-close drawers for storing your fine table linens and nicer hand towels.
  • Perfect-height adjustable shelving, making sure your food and most frequently-accessed items are visible and within clear reach in your walk-in pantry.
  • Lower level chrome baskets and bins for snacks for your small children so they can easily access them.


Determine the best large walk-in pantry ideas, layout, and organization plan before finalizing your space. You may even need additional storage room. 


Expanding Your Storage Space

Expanding your storage space beyond the kitchen can sometimes be the only answer for storing an excess of pantry items. 


One simple solution is moving any bulk or rarely used items to a nearby closet or garage area. You may want to work with a custom closet and storage designer to turn a closet into another pantry—and to ensure your primary pantry is laid out optimally.

Working with a Custom Designer to Create Your Ideal Walk-In Pantry

After you’ve sifted through all of our (and your own) large walk-in pantry ideas and determined (a) what style you’re looking for and (b) what your specific storage needs are, including whether you need to expand or simply rearrange your current storage area, it’s time to figure out how to implement these ideas.


This is where working with a custom designer comes in handy. Together, you’ll be able to design a walk-in pantry that not only takes care of all your kitchen clutter and storage problems but does so with style—and a personal touch. 


By adding a few choice design elements to your large walk-in pantry and re-organizing some of your kitchen space, you can create an ideal setup so that every time you go to retrieve something from your kitchen pantry, you’ll enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of being able to find exactly what you need, when you need it—every time.


Ready to bring your large walk-in pantry ideas to life? Closet America is here to help. Contact us—or, go ahead and schedule a free design consultation—today.


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