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Custom Closet Systems for Children Help Your Severna Park House Feel Like Home

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Jun 24, 2016

Encourage your children to stay organized by installing a custom closet system built just for them, complete with kid-friendly shelving and storage options.

Whether it’s kid-friendly yoga, a visit to the petting zoo, or Tuesday morning swim lessons, parents are drawn to Severna Park for its celebration of families. There are so many ways for you and your kids to become involved in the community—and this doesn’t even take into account other perks, like the stellar schools or the beautiful waterfront scenery that surrounds you as you drive to and from that yoga class.

When families move to the area, they’re understandably excited about all it has to offer. But as you settle into your Severna Park home, it’s worth asking whether the inside of your house is as welcoming for your children as the community in which it sits. Do your kids have space to play and goof around? Do their rooms reflect their budding personalities? Do they have organized storage for all their clothes and toys?

For many parents, the answer to that final question is “no.” Kids accumulate stuff quickly, and typical bedroom closets offer little help managing it all. What good are shelves if your child can’t reach them? If this struggle sounds familiar, it might be time to consider a custom closet system designed with your kid in mind.

The Proper Storage Height

The main problem children have with standard closets is height. The hanging rod and shelf system are too high. The result is that children are dependent on their parents’ help to get dressed in the morning and to put their belongings away.

A custom layout lets you solve this problem by setting hanging bars and shelving at a more accessible height, enabling your kids to have more control over their clothes and toys—a good way to foster autonomy and independence at a young age.

This design might appear to make storage space toward the top of your kid’s closet obsolete, but upper shelving is still a great place to store items that parents usually deal with. For example, you might keep extra blankets or pillows there.

A More Flexible Storage Area

The other problem with traditional closet designs is that they don’t always give your child space for anything other than clothes. Books, games, and stuffed animals need to find a home elsewhere (which often translates to “the floor, directly under your feet”). Consider a custom closet storage system that offers a few of these options instead:

  • Designated shelving for books, Lego models or sports trophies. A custom design lets you choose shelf spacing that accommodates your child’s particular collection.

  • Cabinets with soft-close hinges. These can be used to store stackable items, like board games and art supplies, without worry over pinched fingers every time your kid want to retrieve something.

  • Pull-out baskets come in various sizes and are a great way to corral lightweight items like stuffed animals, dolls, or action figures, which otherwise tend to get strewn around the room.

Help Keep Laundry Under Control

If kids don’t have a designated space for dirty laundry, it’s one more thing that tends to wind up on the floor. Built-in hampers are a great way to get a handle on the issue without taking up additional space. If you really want to streamline the process, you might even have two hampers—one for lights and one for darks—and teach your child to pre-sort their clothing. (You’ll also appreciate the removable liners when it’s time for you to gather that next load and get it to the laundry room.)

After the clothes are clean, your new hanging rods and shelving will enable kids to help put their own laundry away. It’s never too early to model the value of a clean and organized space.

Their Closets Can Grow With Them

You probably plan to stay in Severna Park for some time so that your kids can take advantage of the city’s top-ranking high schools, and you certainly don’t want to have to redo their closet every couple of years. The great thing about our closet systems is that they’re adjustable and can change and grow along with your children.

Low shelves can transition into space for shoe storage, while higher shelving can be adjusted up or down depending on new needs. Slide-out baskets that were once for stuffed animals become a great spot for sports equipment. You can even plan ahead by incorporating a second set of hanging rods higher in the closet, which can be used as your kids get bigger and their wardrobes expand.

Kids’ Closet Needs Shouldn’t Be Neglected

When you think of a closet makeover, you probably think of the master bedroom first. But kids have specific storage needs too, and a custom closet system not only helps them, it takes some of the burden off you. With better storage options and a closet that can be tailored to your kid’s age, activities, and interests, you can teach them the value of organization early on and have the storage space they need as they develop.

If you’re unsure of how to create a closet that works for your child, we can help. With a little information about your family, we can create a custom closet design that works well now and will continue to do so as your kids grow up. Connect with us today for a free design consultation, and we can get started.

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