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Color Coordinating & Organizing Closets: How to Sort Clothes by Color

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Nov 18, 2022

Getting your closet organized is one thing, but staying organized and always putting things neatly in their place can be another challenge. To prevent confusion and the temptation to throw things into your closet haphazardly, you’ll want to use an organizational method that’s easy to remember and not a chore to stick to. For many, that organizational method is color coding clothes. In addition to being a very practical solution to clutter, organizing clothes with a color wheel in closet spaces is also incredibly aesthetically pleasing. If you want to organize your clothes in rainbow color order and enjoy the organization and visual interest it brings to your closet space, follow our steps below.

Step 1: Take Everything Out of Your Closet 

First things first: remove everything from your closet. Yes, we mean everything – hanging dresses, folded pants, bins of accessories, and so on. A starkly empty closet gives you the perfect canvas for deciding how you’ll go about color coding clothes.

Step 2: Sort Your Clothes & Accessories

After removing everything from your closet, sort it all into two piles – one for keeping and one for donating. You’ve likely discovered clothing items that you forgot you had or haven’t worn in a long time. If you don’t want or need them anymore, there’s no reason to keep them around.

Step 3: Make Color Piles 

Now to the part where you can actually start color coding clothes! Sort your clothing into color piles for red, green, blue, yellow, and so on. Don’t pay attention to the fabric, length, type of garment, or anything else other than color. For multi-color clothes in your closet space that don’t appear on a color wheel, you have two options. You can either give them their own section in your closet or choose to include them in the color pile you feel they’re closest to.

You can also color code clothes by type of garment as well, with separate piles for shirts, blouses, sweaters, and so on. This is especially helpful if you have a lot of clothes and a big enough closet space to store different kinds of garments separately on different hanging rods.

Step 4: Decide Your Closet’s New Layout

After color coding clothes, you need to decide how they’ll be arranged in your closet. Rainbow color order is a go-to for many, but it might not be ideal for you. If you need some inspiration, you can refer to a color wheel for clothes in closet spaces that can be found online. After deciding on the order in which you want your clothes, start hanging up your piles one at a time.

Step 5: Put Everything in Order

You might think color coding clothes would stop after hanging everything up in the layout you want, but you can take things to the next level with this step. Sure, organizing following a color wheel for clothes in closet spaces might look great on its own, but it can look better if you take a minute to rearrange garments in each section into thoughtful order. How you do this is up to you – you could arrange garments by length, with short ones on one end and longer ones on the other, by fabric type, with lighter fabrics on one end and heavier garments on the other, or by occasion, with casual garments on one and formal garments on the other.

Upgrading Your Color-Coded Closet 

Color coding clothes can bring some much-needed order to a messy closet space, but you might be limited by its size. If you need help maximizing your available closet space or want to transform a spare room into the closet of your dreams, contact the experts at Closet America today!

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