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Custom Closets in Chantilly VA Echo The French Chateau Style

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Aug 30, 2017

Custom closets help transform your Chantilly home into the kind of sophisticated haven that you’re dreaming of—one small space at a time.

Those of us who are royal at heart always dream of the comfort and beauty of the gorgeous palaces and chateaux of Western Europe. Driving down Route 50 in Chantilly, VA couldn’t feel more different from standing in front of the Château de Chantilly in northern France—but we who live in the DC Metropolitan area can still dream. Chantilly’s history inspired the name of this particular suburb, if not its general aesthetic, and homeowners with a more traditionally sophisticated style enjoy playing around with decorative design elements that harken back to those roots.

If you’re not interested in building your own chateau off of Fair Lakes Parkway (the closest thing to a “waterfront” view Chantilly offers), or you’re not into the idea of doing a full home remodel, you might be looking for a smaller way of bringing a sense of splendor to your residence. Custom closets help transform your Chantilly home into the kind of sophisticated haven that you’re dreaming of—one small space at a time. Three simple steps will help you to craft a custom closet with all the glitz and glamour of a French chateau:

drawing design inspiration from a French chateau

Step One: Start With Symmetry

Think of this new closet as your own personal Petit Château. With the help of a design expert, you can craft the perfect layout for your needs. For clients who are determined to infuse their space with luxury, I always recommend a perfectly symmetrical layout of cabinetry. This design gives the eye a specific focal point in the center of your closet where you can highlight a particular feature like an oversized mirror, your framed wedding gown, or a piece of romantic French artwork.

Symmetrical designs are inherently classic and can easily be adapted to create the extravagant feel you’re yearning for. Play around with the following design plans to see what fits in your space:

  • Build your closet design around a central island or peninsula. Adding granite or stone countertops will emulate the feel of a historic marble staircase and truly ground your space.

  • Strategically place identical sets of drawers across from each other. This tip helps the sophisticated couple perfectly divide storage space between his and hers, and works especially well in a walk-in with plenty of square footage.

  • Consider centering your design around a shoe wall. With adjustable angled shoe shelves, your colorful collection will become the crown jewel of your custom closet.

custom reach in closet shoe shelf

Step Two: Choose Traditional Finishes

The most amazing thing about the French châteaux that I’ve visited is the stark contrast between the outer appearance and the rich inner finishes. The Chateau de Chantilly, in particular, has a gorgeous dark-paneled library framed with bronzed and gilded accents that just screams nobility. If you’re interested in emulating this look, go ahead and select a beautiful custom wood finish and get ready to feel like a royal when you get dressed each morning. We’re certain that this room will become your respite before driving the kids to Greenbriar East (or West).

Alternatively, you may wish for a more modern take on the wood-paneled look. That’s the beauty of custom design—you can pick and choose which elements most accurately represent your style and aesthetic preference. Your custom closet can be just as luxurious with a bright white or charcoal gray finish and brushed nickel hardware. The choice is yours. This is one way that you can combine the modernity of your Reston/Tysons Corner tech corridor life and the romantic château dream. As long as you’re working with high-quality materials, you’ll know that you are getting the best custom closet your neighborhood has ever seen.

custom walk in closet island

Step Three: Add Stunning Details

When you’re designing your very own Musée Condé in the middle of your master suite, you want to focus on the little details that bring a space to life. Start with an elegant ensemble of lighting elements to create a truly magnificent atmosphere. To mimic the French Baroque style, select a statement light fixture or chandelier to hang in the center of your walk-in and place your master mirror directly behind to reflect its shine and glitter. The NRO will be able to view your brilliant light display all the way from their spy satellites. Check out a local lighting showroom to find a fixture with just the right mix of Swarovski crystal and minimalistic simplicity.

Next, add in the custom accessories that make a closet functional and impressive. Include valet rods, pull-out laundry hampers, wardrobe lifts, and the works. Velvet lined jewelry drawers will help your accessory station feel like that of a princess. Built-in tie and belt racks keep your beau’s business attire well organized and ready for the morning dash to DC. These accessories take your daily routine far out of Fairfax County and into the realm of daydreams.

take design cues from the Chateau de Chantilly

Bringing Your Chantilly-Inspired Custom Closet to Life

Even if you don’t live in a home the size of the Chantilly Plantation manor, these simple steps will guide you on your way to creating a custom closet that takes your mind out of the suburbs. With a classically symmetrical layout, sophisticated finishes, and a host of stunning details, your custom closet will completely transform the feeling of your daily routine.

Ready to get started? Reach out to us today to schedule your free in-home design consultation with one of Closet America’s design experts. We may not be royalty (or French), but we can definitely work with you to create the feeling of luxury in any room in your home. Or we can always help you dream about putting a magical swan or two in the backyard for that authentic European touch.


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chateau) source: Flickr user jeangui111
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