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Closet Organizing Apps Help Make the Most of Your Custom Closet

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Jun 21, 2017

Closet apps make organizing your wardrobe shockingly simple—especially when used in conjunction with a sleek and stylish custom closet.

A custom closet is about beauty, order, functionality, and presentation. It’s a stunning way to display your clothes, and the best way to store your entire wardrobe year-round. The right custom design can inspire you to carefully curate your color palette and create a style that’s all your own. But at the end of the day, as delightful as they are, custom closets are simply the vessels for our creativity—and making a wardrobe that’s as beautiful as your custom closet requires a little bit of a different strategy.

Closet apps on the market make organizing your wardrobe and planning your outfits a lot easier, even when you’re away from home. Especially when used in conjunction with a beautifully designed custom closet, you can finally have a more efficient (and fun) dressing experience.

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The Best Closet Organizing Apps on the Market

The virtual closet trend is definitely catching on quickly. Today’s closet apps combine basic outfit tools with fashion blog inspiration and personal shopping algorithms to create a totally immersive experience. I can’t think of a better way to dress up an already-gorgeous custom closet scenario than with an app like the ones listed below.

Want to plan your outfits for the week? Try Stylicious, a basic closet organization app with an addictive twist. Like all free apps of its kind, you start by taking photos of everything in your wardrobe and then make some interactive magic. It’s like Polyvore in the palm of your hand, with your own clothes! This app will also send you shopping updates on new releases and deals from your favorite brands. It’s like having your own personal stylist advising you on what to buy the next time you’re in the mall.

Need help deciding what to wear? Check out GlamOutfit. Another free app, this program submits your wardrobe to a whole network of other users, who can put together outfits for you at the touch of a finger. Need help figuring out what to wear on a date? Simply get styled by other outfit aficionados just like you. I also really enjoy the outfit algorithm used by Cluise, which lets a computer come up with new combinations based on your style. You can also sell items you no longer love straight from this particular platform.

Looking for the best overall closet app? I’d go with Stylebook. Its updated background removal tool makes each clothing item and outfit spread look like a shot from a magazine. This jack of all trades app also lets you track how often your clothes are worn, plan outfits for the week/month, save looks that you like, plan packing lists for travel, and so much more. Plus, it has an integrated inspiration section populated by the best fashion bloggers of today.  

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Using Apps in Conjunction with Custom Closet Design

You’ve got a gorgeous custom closet. You’ve chosen the closet organizing app that best fits your needs. Putting these things together creates a truly immersive and intuitive dressing experience. Here’s how a closet designer would combine the coolest features of both:

  • Install two or three valet rods to highlight outfits that you really love. Save one, of course, for the outfit that you planned for tomorrow over this afternoon’s Starbucks break. With your virtual closet in your pocket, you can really make the most of your time!
  • Use wardrobe lifts to set aside items that you’ve archived for this season. Winter coats, knits, and other items that are only worn seasonally can be stored within easy reach, but they’re not taking up valuable real estate in the main part of your closet.
  • Add an island or peninsula with plenty of drawers to keep your folded items easily at hand. It may be a bit counter-intuitive to add wardrobe units to your closet, but having everything in one place makes getting dressed that much easier. All items of your outfit are within easy reach, and the whole room feels that much more luxurious.
  • Don’t forget jewelry drawers, which are my very favorite way to keep accessories organized. If you’ve found the perfect pairing within your organizer app, there’s nothing worse than having to pull apart twenty different statement necklaces to find the one you want. These velvet-lined drawers keep everything in beautiful boutique condition.

Customizable App + Customizable Closet = Love

A custom closet is, by nature, perfectly fitted for your life. But if you’d like a little more help with the day-to-day use and maintenance of your wardrobe, you need look no further than your smartphone. I’ve even known clients to keep an iPad in their closet for such purposes! With both of these tools, you’ll be set to have the most organized closet of anybody you know.

If you’re not yet part of the custom closet fan club, you’ll probably want to get in on this before your boring old traditional closet explodes from jealousy. Reach out to us today to schedule your free design consultation and start livening things up. With a custom closet and your pick of the best closet apps on the market, you’ll be all set for the best summer wardrobe of your life.


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