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Luxury Closet Design Ideas for the Northern Virginia Fashionista

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Nov 6, 2018

If you’ve ever drooled over a celebrity’s luxury closet or wanted one for yourself, you’re in luck.

When you scan the pages of housekeeping or interior design magazines, you usually come across celebrity home tours featuring glossy, full-page photos of the most stunning rooms imaginable. In these magazine spreads, the luxury closet is usually the main feature—celebrities seem to have an endless supply of designer shoes stacked from floor to ceiling.

If you’ve ever drooled over one of these luxury closets or wanted one for yourself, you’re in luck. Luxury closets aren’t just for the rich and famous anymore. With the help of expert closet designers at Closet America, you too can create the custom closet of your dreams in your Northern Virginia home—one that is worthy of its own glossy magazine spread.

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Take Inspiration from Celebrity Luxury Closets

When you hire a Closet America designer to build a custom closet from scratch, you can take inspiration from any source you’d like. Do you love handbags? Consider installing a long row of display shelves like those in Kylie Jenner’s expansive walk-in closet. Or, if you’re more of a shoe person, you might want to create your own little shoe nook like the one Jessica Simpson has in her luxury closet.

Regardless of where you find your inspiration, all celebrity luxury closets have one thing in common: they are designed specifically for them. The difference between a luxury closet and run-of-the-mill storage spaces is that every single detail, from the storage options offered to the color scheme and hardware, is specifically chosen based on the owner’s preferences.

For example, singer Jessie James Decker is known for wearing bright, colorful heels, and her closet reflects her personality and style. It features plenty of storage space for each shoe, but the shelves that house the shoes are also painted a bright, airy shade of white—this lets the color of the shoes really pop. Meanwhile, fashion designer and stylist Rachel Zoe often wears more black and neutral shades, so her closet features classic beige shelving to complement her wardrobe. Her shelves are also located within arms reach, which is perfect for a busy celebrity stylist who needs to grab outfits on the go.

Whether you live in Hollywood or Fairfax, North Virginia, you can take inspiration from these luxury closet designs by picking one or two celebrity closet features that speak to you the most. Keep a list or vision board of the celebrity closets you love and bring this with you to your first closet design consultation. Your closet designer will help you incorporate these features into your new space and make them fit your closet’s exact dimensions.

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Luxury Closets Display Shoes and Handbags Like Works of Art

The hallmark of most luxury closets are the shelves. Beyond storing your items, these shelves also need to display your shoes, handbags, and accessories in a way that looks chic and sophisticated.

One of the best ways to create a master bedroom closet that looks luxurious is to use angled shoe shelves that span from the floor to the ceiling. The slight angle of the shelves not only makes it easier to see your shoes and pick the perfect pair to go with your outfit, these shelves also make your shoes look more expensive and special. If you throw your shoes in a corner of your closet or stack them on top of one another haphazardly, it’s harder to see every pair and it makes your closet appear messy and unrefined. Having a specific spot for every pair of shoes shows that these items are special and well cared-for.

Handbag displays are also a growing trend among celebrities and fashionistas. To quote Coco Chanel, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.” Some of the most important pieces in your closet are handbags and jewelry, so having a designated space to display these items can make all the difference in your closet.

If you want your closet to look as luxurious as possible, consider designing at least one large, open shelf space where you can set your handbags. Designer handbags, in particular, require a little more TLC than most purses, so you need to keep them in a dry, dust-free environment and avoid hanging them by the strap (this stretches out the material). To do this, install glass doors in front of each purse. This not only keeps most dust out, but it also makes your handbags appear important, like works of art behind a display case in a museum. Soft-close doors also add to the luxurious feeling of the space; the soft closure makes the process of storing your handbags feel smooth and delicate.

Pay Attention to the Details

Most standard closets are purely utilitarian—they offer you space to store your items, but these spaces are rarely visually appealing. Having high-quality, well-designed storage details throughout your master closet space will make the room look more engaging and sophisticated. A simple coat of paint, luxe hardware, lighting, and adjustable storage options can take a closet from drab to fabulous.

A luxury closet usually looks like a themed room in a museum or art gallery. It should appear cohesive and tell your unique style story. For example, if your wardrobe is full of sunny dresses in bold, cheery patterns, then your closet should reflect this. A custom closet designer will guide you to the perfect shelf color that will help your bold pieces stand out against the shelves. Similarly, if you prefer the more reserved, refined style of classic French fashion, then a designer will help you select the details that will make your closet appear sleek and minimalistic—you can let your clothes speak for themselves.

The closet design details you choose will depend on your preferences and sense of style. No matter your overall desired look, you should consider factors like paint color, surface finishes, metal hardware, lighting, and item-specific storage features. For example, if you want the focus of your closet to be on your collection of designer handbags, then installing lighting directly into the shelves that your handbags sit on will draw the eye to this area. Meanwhile, adding details like adjustable valet rods for silk scarves and thin belts will prevent you from losing these smaller items while also making your space appear tidier. An experienced luxury closet designer will take all of these small details into account.

How to Build a Luxury Closet in Your Northern Virginia Home

If you’re ready to build a luxury closet in your Northern Virginia home, hire a design team that uses the highest quality materials possible. True luxury isn’t something that can be faked, so using the best quality materials will make your space look just like your favorite fashion icon’s master closet. Moreover, when you use the best materials and hire designers who understand how to create a space that feels luxurious, you will create a closet that you can enjoy well into the future. At Closet America, we can help you craft a closet that transcends trends and that is built to last.

To install a luxury closet in your Northern Virginia home, book a free consultation with Closet America today. Our closet designers have years of experience designing spaces for fashionistas and those who appreciate quality craftsmanship. We’ll help you express your unique style in your space and allow every item in your wardrobe to shine.

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