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What is a Custom Closet? Your Best Solution for Home Organization

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Oct 23, 2017

Custom closet design is the perfect way to turn chaos into order and add a personal touch to your home aesthetic.

Closets are a pretty straightforward part of the home—unless, of course, yours have turned into beasts with minds of their own. If you’re struggling with a mountain of toys in your kids’ bedroom reach-in or a lifetime of designer clothing that just won’t fit into your limited master, you know what it’s like to think about closets way more than you want to. Organization (or lack thereof) becomes a constant daily stress. Thankfully, there’s a quick and easy solution: custom closets.

Whether you’re wanting a serious overhaul across the entire home or just a luxurious improvement to one particular storage space, custom closet design is the perfect way to bring order from chaos. With storage systems specially designed for use in every room of your house, fantastic extras that really appeal to homeowners, and a high-quality customer experience, you can’t find a better solution for your clutter problem. Taking advantage of this innovative strategy means understanding one thing: What is a custom closet, and how can you get one for yourself?

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Four Different Types of Custom Closets

The closet industry is massive and complex. You can find DIY systems in a big box store, order extensive modular systems from a manufacturer’s catalog, or secure a custom-made design from a high-quality custom closet company. With such a wide variety of options at all different price points, it can be tough to find a really fantastic product that you can be proud of.

A custom closet is a specially-designed combination of shelves, drawers, and cabinets that are custom-made for your particular space. The process involves working with a designer one-on-one, and the resulting product is completely unique to you and your home. While custom organization systems can be designed for any room in the home, there are four main areas for which custom solutions are most commonly sought:

  • Walk-In Closets: This space is most frequently requested for a custom closet system renovation. Clients may struggle with clutter, dream of a Kylie Jenner-style dressing room, or simply want to update their master suite to a more sophisticated level. Custom walk-in closets are incredibly popular with homeowners in all stages of life.

  • Reach-In Closets: These smaller closet spaces are often a problem for families with children or those who live in condos or rowhouses with fewer square feet. Adding a custom organization system to your reach in closets can completely transform the way you store seasonal items, kids’ toys, or hobby items.

  • Utility Areas: You might also find custom closet systems in the mudroom, laundry room, or garage. Custom shelving can help you create order in these highly-trafficked areas of the home that see a lot of daily use and tend to get cluttered. It’s common for clients to design a custom closet with our design experts and then add on one of these smaller projects as part of the same installation.

  • Other Custom Storage Solutions: We also do a steady amount of pantry and home office renovations in our custom closet business. After all, the pantry is just a closet that a smart architect added onto the kitchen at some point in design history. Specially-designed shelving, drawers, and cabinets can all be used in the pantry and the office to create perfectly flowing and functional storage spaces.

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Why Custom Closets are So Appealing to Homeowners

The most important element of closet design is that each element of storage is customized entirely to your needs. Custom organization systems are perfect for oddly-shaped spaces, large renovation projects, and small nooks and crannies because they are created entirely on the basis of the space itself. Unlike DIY systems or those from major manufacturers, custom closet systems are entirely unique and don’t have to be altered or adjusted to fit your specifications.

Custom closets also create the distinct feeling of luxury in a home. From perfect finishes, colors, and hardware in each unique space to stunning custom accessories, it’s easy to create the perfect combination. These details are the icing on the custom closet cake, and tend to be the first things that visitors to the home (or the showroom) notice immediately. You simply can’t get this kind of luxury anywhere else.

Finally, homeowners tend to love how easy it is to renovate their homes with custom closets. The process involves making a phone call, enjoying a design consultation, and waiting eagerly for the new organization systems to be installed by industry professionals. It’s quite possibly the easiest home improvement project you can do.

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Finding the Best in the Custom Closet Industry

When you want a custom closet installed in your home, you’ll need to partner with a truly excellent company. From the standards they set for their materials and construction to the way they relate to their clients, the best custom closet companies truly stand out. Read on for tips on how to spot the most top-quality companies in your area.

The best firms in the industry use high-quality thermally fused laminate for shelving and cabinetry, which is a durable and sturdy material perfect for use throughout the home. When viewing their work in person, you should expect to find stellar construction and precise installation. Details like dovetailed drawer boxes and soft-close technology show that a storage system has been created with intention and skill.

The best custom closet companies also maintain fantastic customer service. Client reviews and testimonials for these companies reveal high satisfaction rates and truly enthusiastic returning customers. It’s common for independently-owned custom design firms to pay closer attention to their customer service than the factory-driven chain companies—so it may be ideal for you to start your search with local businesses near you.

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Once you understand what a custom closet entails, it’s easy to see why the experience would be so popular with homeowners across the United States. It’s rare that you can invite a design expert into your home to do an utterly-perfect renovation of one of your spaces for a reasonable price and very minimal effort from you. Imagine if this kind of service existed for bathrooms! For now, you can be content to start revitalizing the storage spaces in your home with custom systems that will last a lifetime.

Interested in getting started immediately? We don’t blame you. Schedule your free design consultation with Closet America, and we’ll get right down to business on your projects of choice. Before you know it, you’ll have a custom closet that you can truly be proud of—and that will make a huge difference in the way you live your daily life.


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