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A Custom Home Office in Bethesda, MD Will Change the Way You Telecommute

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Sep 18, 2017

A thoughtfully designed and beautifully executed custom home office helps make working from home in Bethesda, MD that much more enjoyable.

As one of the most educated towns in the United States, it only makes sense that Bethesda is full of clever business professionals. These are people who dutifully drive out of Montgomery County each workday, or who put in long hours at Lockheed Martin, Marriott, or the medical institutions nearby. This community spends most of their waking hours away from home. So when the opportunity to telecommute comes along, even for just one day, it’s obviously an attractive idea.

Of course, having a beautiful and inspiring home office to work in makes the telecommuting scenario that much more attractive—and the best way to get exactly what you want is to go with custom design. Telecommuting becomes a more viable option when your workspace at home is perfectly suited to your needs. It doesn’t have to be the Congressional Country Club of home offices to be useful, but a thoughtfully designed and beautifully executed custom home office will help make working from home that much more enjoyable.

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Customize Your Workspace

If you’re used to working in one of the many office buildings in the Washington DC Metro area, you know what it’s like to not have much control over your workspace. You might be in a basic cubicle, or sharing an office with other workers, and you don’t even get to choose your desk most of the time. You’re just one more worker on the Red line, part of the machine. But when you’re at home, you get the option to create your very own corner office (of sorts).

Would you love a double desk space? Do you need a super long desk that allows you to spread out? Looking for a standing desk? Are you passionate about working with natural light or facing a window? All of these things are possible with a custom home office. Custom design lets you go beyond the basic desk arrangements you’ll find in a big box store or down on Bethesda Row. You get to create the workspace you’ve always dreamed of, so that when you’re at home you really feel like the CEO of your own productivity.

custom home office shelves

Put the Emphasis on Storage

One of the troublesome things about working from home is the storage conundrum. The home office is traditionally full of documents you’ve accumulated over the years that have absolutely nothing to do with your business life. Like the post-apocalyptic Bethesda of Fallout 3, the clutter of countless files can make your home office a truly inhospitable place to work in.

Custom design lets you tackle this organizational challenge head-on. Custom-made dove-tailed drawer boxes are sturdy enough to hold a lifetime of important documents. You can craft a home office space with as many shelves, drawers, and file cabinets as you could want, all in the same seamless design. It’s like having an unlimited number of lanes on Rockville Pike—who wouldn’t want that? With the right home office design, you’ll have a more organized and functional work space, perfect for facilitating career-time productivity.

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Create a Pleasing Atmosphere

When you’ve decided on the layout of your ideal workspace, you can finally move on to crafting the perfect aesthetic for your home office. These are the finishing touches that truly bring a room to life and make the biggest difference in creating a feeling of luxury.

The best way to create a truly stunning home office is to start with a foundation of high-quality materials. Start with thermally-fused laminate shelving and cabinetry that’s durable, long-lasting, and impressively easy to clean. From there, you can work with your design expert to customize your finishes, hardware, and accessories to create a picture-perfect setup.

With custom design, the company of your choice will take it from there—no hour-long DIY sessions or backbreaking afternoons. Simply make a call and revel in the master craftsmanship once your custom home office is installed. It may take forever to get anything done in Montgomery County, but this trend definitely does not apply when you’re working with a good custom design company.

custom home office desk surface

Bringing the Custom Home Office to Bethesda, MD

It can be so tempting to throw a desk and a bookshelf into a bedroom and call it a home office—but with a customized layout full of organized storage opportunity and high-quality elements, your work space is completely transformed. Whether you’ve been telecommuting for years or you’re just embarking on a work-from-home day every once in awhile, a custom home office gives you a beautiful and functional space to get stuff done.

At Closet America, we are old pros at creating office spaces that really wow and inspire our clients to do their best work. Reach out to us today to schedule your free design consultation in Bethesda, and one of our design experts will help you craft the custom design you’ve been imagining.


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