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Amazing Walk In Closets: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Sophisticated Design

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Apr 3, 2018

Thousands of homeowners in the DC metro area would agree that having an amazing walk-in closet is a must for any sophisticated lifestyle. So are you wondering how to build a walk-in closet step-by-step?

Having an amazing walk-in closet is a must for any sophisticated lifestyle. The thousands of homeowners in the DC metro area we’ve worked with would wholeheartedly agree. If you, too, have decided that you’re ready for an amazing closet upgrade that will make your life feel much more luxurious, it’s time to start dreaming of the design—and of course, have a reputable custom closet company help you with the details.

It can be tough to know where to begin, so here are three simple steps to get you on track to having the sophisticated walk-in closet of your dreams.

custom master closet with island

Step 1: Make a Wish-List

The best place to start when it comes to designing a smart and sophisticated walk-in closet is to make a list of the kind of features you want included. Peruse sites like Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration. Perhaps you have a soft spot for modular, European-inspired closets that allow you to see all of your clothing in organized sections, making putting together outfits a bit easier.

As part of your list, be sure to take into consideration all of the things that you currently dislike about your closet. Perhaps you don’t have enough space to hang dresses, there isn’t enough shelving for shoe storage, or the island restricts the space you have to get dressed in. If you write all your pain points down, you can be sure to address them in your new design.

Remember, it’s important to be realistic when making your wish-list. If you have a particularly small walk-in closet space, for instance, having a large island in the center may not be as much of a possibility as it would be if you were annexing the spare bedroom and turning it into a custom walk-in closet. Sophistication in the closet world is all about making the most of the space you have.

custom shelves

Step 2: Decide on Your Focal Point

Typically, with walk-in closet design, the focal point of the closet is the back wall that appears right across from you when you walk into the space. It can also be thought of as the feature wall, as it should be visually stunning and can include fancy flourishes. For instance, a beautiful built-in hutch can add a sophisticated touch to any walk-in closet.

Alternatively, your focal point could be a grand granite or marble island centered in the room for a luxurious look. If simple sophistication is more your style, however, a cushioned bench with built-in drawers can act as a centerpiece for your room as well as a practical place to sit while lacing up your shoes.

Don’t forget, custom lighting could help illuminate the focal point of your closet, adding a classy, boutique aesthetic. A glittering chandelier or hanging fixture above your island makes for a stunning statement, illuminating the space in style. Design experts can also help you choose the right lighting for your dream closet so that all of your items are easy to see.

custom shoe racks

Step 3: Consider Functionality

A sophisticated walk-in closet isn’t all about the aesthetics. The closet should combine style with functionality to create a beautiful yet practical space. In order to do that, it’s a good idea to assess your wardrobe and determine the best way to store each of your items. If you have a collection of evening gowns, you’ll want to be sure to include enough single hanging rods so they can flow freely. If you have a large selection of puffy winter coats or vacation wear, you’ll benefit from taking advantage of the wall space above your clothing for seasonal storage.

Here are some other functional design features to consider:

  • Heavy gauge chrome hampers with removable liners to conceal dirty laundry in style

  • A hideaway ironing boards for emergency wrinkle control

  • Adjustable shoe racks that fit footwear for all seasons and sizes

  • Valet rods to simplify outfit planning and dry cleaning organization

  • Velvet-lined drawers to store jewelry and accessories

  • Double hanging rods to maximize clothing storage and display your favorite garments

Walk In Hanging Space

Designing Your Own Amazing Walk-In Closet

Ultimately, the keys to an amazing, sophisticated walk-in closet are impeccable design, high-quality systems, and of course, a bit of inspiration. Luckily, Closet America can provide all three. Our luxurious custom closet systems are not only built to last, they’re also practical. Plus, our team of design experts are in the know about current and classic design trends and can work with you to ensure that your inspiration shines through in the final product.

If you’re ready to invest in the sophisticated walk-in closet of your dreams, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Closet America team and schedule a free design consultation. One of our skilled design experts would be happy to meet you in your DC-area home at your convenience to talk designs and details. And before you know it, the amazing walk-in closet of your dreams will become a reality.

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