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Luxury Walk In Closet Design Ideas for the Sophisticated Home

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Mar 13, 2018

Consider these five luxury walk-in closet design ideas when taking your closet to the next level.

If you’re dreaming of a luxury walk-in closet in your home, you’re definitely not alone. We work with thousands of homeowners in the DC metro area who are eagerly clamoring for the same upgrade. Before you start counting and recounting the number of pairs of shoes you own, you’ll want to start imagining what your ideal dressing room would look and feel like. Questions like these really matter when you’re crafting a closet to fit a sophisticated lifestyle. For a start, ask yourself:

How do you want your new closet to feel when you walk through the door?

How do you envision your collection of clothing will look in this new space?

What do you want to see more of, and what do you want to hide?  

Rest assured that a great custom closet company will work with you in person to take measurements and determine exactly which layout fits best in your space. Still, it can’t hurt to start thinking now about which design ideas you’d like to include in your new closet. Take these five luxury walk-in closet design ideas for a spin in your imagination. With lavish inspo at the ready, you’ll be all set to take your new walk-in closet to the next level of luxury.

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Idea #1: Annex the Spare Room

Unless your home was designed by a benevolent architect with a bent toward spacious walk-in closets, you might be struggling to imagine how you’ll transform your average master closet into the luxury dressing room of your dreams. Installing a beautiful custom organization system in a spare bedroom may be the easiest way to make up the difference.

Idea #2: Specify and Specialize

In most scenarios, we wholeheartedly recommend our clients include dual hanging rods as part of their closet design. Not only does this practice help maximize previously-unused wall space, it doubles the amount of hanging storage you have available. If your wardrobe contains plenty of separates, adding in a few double rods can really up your organizational game. However, it can also strike a stunning visual to have a full wall of single rods at the perfect height for an extensive collection of long garments. Dresses, gowns, and other formalwear are displayed beautifully with this setup.

walk in closet shelving

Idea #3: Reach Even Higher

Once you’ve got your hanging storage nailed down, it’s time to add the elements that truly customize a closet space. Fill the wall space above with row upon row of adjustable shoe shelves. Or, choose custom open shelves that can be adjusted as needed to house seasonal wear. Closed cabinets can also be great for a more stately, sophisticated feel. Endless possibilities exist to maximize the remaining wall space.The ceiling is (literally) your only limit!

custom closet jewelry hooks

Idea #4: Install an Island

Kitchens aren’t the only rooms that benefit from a standalone work surface. We’ve designed and installed countless master closets centered around a custom-built island, and it’s a feature our clients often ask about. Closet islands are luxurious, handy, and add a true feeling of indulgence to the dressing room. Plus, they’re a feature that typically only custom design companies provide—so you can be sure that your finished product is entirely unique and unlike anything in a big box store.

Idea #5: Light it Up

Nothing screams “boutique” like custom lighting. With a custom closet, you’re able to illuminate whichever shelves, cabinets, and corners you choose. Plus, Closet America design experts love taking a functional closet to the next level with custom LEDs and statement fixtures. For the ultimate touch of luxury, don’t skimp on the lighting. Your sparkling accessories and shining patent leather shoes will thank you.

custom closet island

Designing Your Own Luxury Walk-In Closet

The most sophisticated homes are made from a combination of good planning, great design, inspired aesthetic choices, and years of love and care. The same can be said for a custom closet organization system from Closet America. Our team of experts is well versed in both current design trends and classic luxury, and our industry-leading product is backed by lifetime guarantees. That’s only one measure we use to show that our closet systems are high quality, high value, and built to last.

If you’re ready to make your own luxury custom closet investment, reach out to the Closet America team and schedule a free design consultation. One of our design experts will meet with you in your DC-area home, at a time that fits your schedule, to go over all the details and delights. Pretty soon you won’t just be dreaming about owning a luxury walk-in closet—you’ll be walking into one every morning before leaving for work.

Closet America was able to work with my unique circumstances in order to give me the best use of my space.

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