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Wardrobe Design for Women: Creating The Most Impressive Custom Closets in DC

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Feb 6, 2018

Glean a little wardrobe design inspo from five of our most extravagant, elegant, organized, and unbelievable closet projects for women.

As design experts in the DC metro area, we at Closet America have worked with our fair share of women with style. Whether they’re designing entire rooms to store their perfectly curated shoe collections or they’re creating the perfect boutique-style master closets, these are individuals who have the dreams, visions, and collections to commission truly impressive closets.

Below, we share our top five most extravagant, elegant, organized, and unbelievable closet projects. You’ll find ideas that will help you create the custom wardrobe of your wildest dreams. The moral of this closet story: no custom project is too big!

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Wardrobe Design #1: The Full Home Makeover

Often, the most exciting projects are the largest. These multi-room renovations are infrequent, but not uncommon in the DC area—especially in suburbs with larger homes. As one designer explains, “Our normal project is a walk-in closet. One of my recent clients had a big house with five walk-in closets to remodel, and they also wanted to install a custom system in their two-car garage. That was a very large project out of the norm.”

The biggest challenge with this type of project is making the initial design consultation as in-depth as possible while sticking to a timely schedule. These meetings tend to run longer than our typical consultations, and throughout the meetings we strive to keep clients engaged, interested, and entertained. We know our clients lead busy lives; it only makes sense to make sure that every minute of a consultation is time well spent.

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Wardrobe Design #2: The Summer Home for Shoes

One of our favorite clients in 2017 only lived in the DC metro area during the summer months. She housed 500 pairs of shoes here, and was thinking about selling her other house in California to move to the East Coast (bringing along the rest of her shoes). Together, the pair created a beautiful and functional shoe storage system for this cross-country fashion icon.

“She needed a whole room for shoes, and had no idea she owned that many,” recalls one designer. “It’s always fun to walk each client through the math of our design process. In her case, she didn’t realize that a 20-foot wall with 10 shelves can only hold so many shoes. She’s not the only one. A lot of people think that it will fit!”  

Wardrobe Design #3: The Most Dressed-Up Dressing Room

Over the years, we’ve turned many a spare bedroom into a master closet. It’s not an uncommon request, especially when spouses share a smaller master suite. However, one particular second bedroom walk-in closet we worked on in the past year really stands out from the crowd in our minds.

“Recently we installed a second bedroom master closet for a lady in McLean,” says the designer who led the consultation. “The entire room was solely for storing ball gowns, couture dresses, and designer shoes. It was jaw-dropping!” When your custom closet turns out looking more like a perfectly curated MET exhibit on high fashion, it’s definitely a moment to remember!

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Wardrobe Design #4: The Shoe Garage

As you can imagine, Closet America’s design experts spend a lot of time creating unique shoe storage solutions. One of our craziest and most impressive projects took place in a three-car garage. As one of our team members recalls, “I designed shelves for a client who had a truly impressive shoe collection. We installed a 10 shelf unit around the whole perimeter of her garage just to hold her designer shoes. Before we arrived to help, she had been laying $5,000 Jimmy Chu shoes on the concrete floor because she didn’t have anywhere else to put them!”

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Wardrobe Design #5: The Closet / Kitchen Combo

Our tour of Washington DC’s most impressive wardrobe designs finishes with one of the most unusual projects we’ve ever completed. Jaw-dropping custom walk-in closets are a designer’s daily task and treasure, but this truly custom installation incorporated elements in such a beautiful way that the designer on the case actually won a Top Shelf Closet Award for her ingenuity.

“One recent client wanted a closet and a kitchenette in a single flowing design,” she recalls. “The room turned out to be elegant and uber-functional, with a large island, coffee bar, and wine fridge. The kitchen was on a different floor of the home, so it made perfect sense. Even though the project seemed extravagant at first, I was able to solve all of their storage issues and even build in a sink at a reasonable cost. I love projects like this that seem difficult or impossible at first, and then making it work beautifully for my client!”

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Stunning Wardrobe Design for Women

Working as a closet design expert involves an incredible amount of creativity, determination, and experience. There’s never a shortage of unique organization needs for a woman’s wardrobe. At Closet America, we relish the chance to create award-winning closets that, most importantly, leave our clients happily satisfied and determined to come back for more.

Wishing to see your ideal wardrobe be brought to life by a gifted designer? Sign up for your free design consultation today. One of Closet America’s talented design experts will come to your DC area home to assess your needs, take detailed measurements, and craft a layout in 3D before your very eyes. In no time, you’ll have the kind of wardrobe design every woman dreams of.


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