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Wondering How to Store Handbags Properly in a Closet? Discover Designer Purse Storage

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Jul 26, 2022

Women’s handbags are arguably the most important fashion accessory there is. This is because they combine aesthetics and function by allowing you to carry your everyday essentials while also reflecting your style and complementing the look of an outfit. If you love handbags and have a large collection of them, then you should familiarize yourself with the different kinds of designer handbag storage solutions to keep them easily accessible, organized and protected.

Considering how much money you’ve invested in your collection, it’s easy to see why it’s important to store all your handbags properly with a handbag organizer for closets. Bags from designer brands are often a few thousand dollars on the low end, so you want to protect the investment and keep your handbags looking good for as long as possible. Handbag organizers can also prevent the fabric from becoming damaged, patterns from rubbing off, or from the bag losing its overall shape. Next, it’s also important to choose a storage solution that keeps everything in your collection easily accessible so you can conveniently grab whichever handbag you feel best compliments your outfit. Handbag organizers for closets can help you accomplish all of the above.

Unfortunately, it can be tough to find premade products in the store especially for this purpose. While other fashion accessories like shoes and jewelry have a lot of different products out there that can help keep them organized, easily accessible, and in good condition, it can be hard to find a handbag organizer solution for closets.

Handbags are often different shapes and sizes and can therefore be one of the most difficult items to store in your closet. Moreover, some handbags can be made of fragile material and need some help maintaining their shape. Others have certain patterns that you don’t want to get damaged from rubbing up against something else.

How to store handbags in a closet is something most women have wondered about before. Whether you have just a few purses or a few dozen, you should know all the designer handbag storage options available to you so you can have confidence that you chose the right solution for your needs.

Cubbies & Bins

Cubbies are extremely versatile storage solutions and are great for designer handbag storage. This is because they can accommodate for the various sizes and shapes that bags come in. Next, accessing your collection from a cubby is easy. This can allow you to just grab the bag you want and go. If you’re especially proud of the handbag collection you’ve amassed, cubbies also help you show them off. One downside of cubbies is that the bags you don’t use as often can collect some dust over time. In this case, you can use handbag dust covers or opt for closed bins instead.


Hooks are a very simple solution to the handbag organizer for closets problem and aren’t nearly as bulky as a cubby storage unit. There are also plenty of options for where they can go because hook mounts can be installed anywhere you have the wall space for it. If you don’t want to commit to a larger hook mount for your main designer handbag storage, you can instead use smaller, individual wall mounts and see how you like them.

Shelving & Shelf Dividers

Like the convenience cubbies offer but don’t want to commit to a bulky unit that takes up valuable floor space? By using wall shelving and shelf dividers, you can get a very similar closet handbag organizer that takes up a lot less floor space and is often a lot more inexpensive. The dividers can help keep handbags upright and separated so they don’t slump and lose their shape or rub off on one another.

Handbag storage is just one of many aspects that go into making your dream closet. Let us help you make that dream a reality! Contact Closet America today to get started designing a closet space that has clever storage solutions for all your clothing and accessories.

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