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Summer Wardrobe Ideas & Summer Closet Organization Tips

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Aug 10, 2023

For many, summer is synonymous with vacations and relaxing, which might mean a whole new wardrobe for all your summer plans and activities. Make the most of the season by keeping an organized wardrobe.

Your summer wardrobe deserves some extra organizational effort. Check out these six tips for an impeccably organized closet throughout the warmer season.

1. Clear Out Old Stuff

You don’t have to waste time on searching your closet daily to find the perfect summer attire when it’s already in shape to meet your needs. Do this by taking some time and decluttering your wardrobe for the season.

That way, your favorite clothing and accessories take priority, and you know just where your favorite tops / shirts and shoes are!

2. Store Away Seasonal Items That Aren’t in Use

Create a minimalist summer selection by removing your winter outfits from your wardrobe and storing them elsewhere. Slimming your wardrobe like this allows you to find summer clothing at a glance.

Don’t forget that your winter clothing needs care too! Make sure to store them in a dry, cool place where pests can’t reach them, like in a sealing storage container. You can also store different categories of clothes in separate containers with labels on the outside for quick access later on.

During this process, you can easily spot the clothes you don’t need any longer and you can either donate, sell or toss your unwanted apparel.

Before putting your winter clothing in storage, be sure to wash them. This will keep them smelling fresh in their storage bins and save you time next season as you will already have ready-to-wear clothes when you open the boxes in the colder season. You can also put scented dryer sheets in between your layers of sweater and sweatpants to give its great scent a extra boost. It’s a little extra work in the short term to treat yourself to a bit of luxury in the long run.

3. Bring Out the Summer Collection

Now that the out of season wardrobe items are stored away, it’s time to bring out your summer collection! Be sure to dust and vacuum your closet before adding in your pretty summer attire.

For a well-organized closet, try having dedicated spaces for different types of apparel. For example, keep swimsuits separate from casual summer dresses. For a men’s summer wardrobe, you can organize clothes by their functions, such as separating formal clothes from casual weekend wear. Having a coherent organization system is how you can save yourself from messing up your tidy wardrobe.

4. Match Colors

After you sort clothing by their functions, try putting similar apparel of similar colors together. With color organization, coordinating your outfit and finding the best-colored shirt to go with your pants or skirt is quick and easy.

While you’re matching colors and organizing your wardrobe, you can discover what extra items of the same colors you have. Suppose you realize you have three red T-shirts; you might want to donate one or two. So, color coordinating on your wardrobe can also become good decluttering practice!

5. Deal with Bulky Items

Large beach bags, beach towels, straw hats and platform sandals are all bulky summer wear items that can be a struggle to fit in most standard cubbies or shelves.

Install additional adjustable closet shelving to put an end to your struggles with oversized items. Another space saver idea is to stow small bags inside the larger ones. You can also hang stuff like large hats on the back of the door to maximize the available space & spread your items out visually.

6. Put in Effort Before Bed

No matter your initial efforts, your closet will become chaotic if you don’t put in effort to keep it neat consistently. We recommend spending a small amount of time each night putting belongings back where they came from before hitting the hay. Once you practice this bedtime ritual, you’ll find yourself feeling refreshed at having an organized closet to get ready in the following morning.

Executing all these tips may only take a couple of hours, but you’ll get an organized closet and an easy-to-manage wardrobe all summer long.

However, if your closet is still full to bursting or there just isn’t enough storage space to organize the way you want, a custom closet system might be what you need. Luckily, Closet America has your back!

From design to installation, our professional craftsmen and state-of-the-art technology can create the perfect personalized closet system that meets your needs – not just for the summer, but all year round. Contact us today for a free quote that’s guaranteed for a full year!

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