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Small Entryway Closet Organization Ideas to Corral the Chaos

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Oct 17, 2019

Small entryway closet organization is easy with custom design. These entryway closet ideas can help you corral the chaos and the clutter once and for all!

Many of us, probably nearly all of us, love our homes, with the exception of some little things. Often “little” is the operative word, such as when you have a big family and a tiny entryway. We hear about this particular problem a lot in the DC metro area, and we know our fellow Washingtonians aren’t the only ones facing this dilemma. When you’re experiencing bottlenecks every time you open the door and have piles of pets’ and kids’ stuff underfoot, shoes everywhere, clothes falling to the floor, and general disorder and annoyance, just the mention of organizing can make your hackles rise.

But let’s take a deep breath and think about it calmly. Your quandary is temporary, even if it doesn’t feel like it, and overcoming it takes just a little creativity and patience. Small entryway closet organization is easy with custom closet design—and Closet America has some entryway closet storage ideas to help you corral the chaos and the clutter once and for all.

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Organizing Your Small Entryway Closet Ideas

Things get in the way when there is no good place to put them. When you have a small space to work with, it may seem as though there’s not much you can do about it. But the truth is, you have more options than you may realize. Every home is different, so you may have to get creative with your small entryway solutions, but closet customization can be infinitely creative, so have at it. Let’s look at a couple of possibilities.

1. You have a small closet.

We’ll start off easy. There is a closet. Is it neatly filled from floor to ceiling? Really filled and truly neatly? If not, here are a few simple things that could revolutionize your closet use:

A double row of rods. With a high rod for the big people (you might want to consider a retractable wardrobe lift) and a low rod for the little ones, you’ll double the space for coats. True, your ankle-length winter wear may have to find a new home, maybe a freestanding coat rack next to the closet, but it is probably a small price to pay.

A double row of shoe shelves. Tucked in under the coats, shoe shelves will keep pairs together and compactly stored. They’re attractive and easily accessible, too.

An over-the-door holder for gloves, leashes, clothes brushes, and other small items you have no place at all for right now can keep odds and ends from congealing into unsightly clutter.

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2. You don’t have a closet, but you do have unused wall space.

If you have hooks on the wall with bulging with coats, you probably have enough space for a mudwall. Don’t know what a mudwall is? (Don’t worry, not many people do!) Picture a nice big mudroom, and then imagine one section of it up against the wall where the coats are sticking out. It’s more organized, more stylish, and much more convenient. Consider the following:

A couple of doorless lockers. You’ll still have hooks, but you can probably use more of them this way, dividing up territory into separate sections so everyone can find their things faster as they pass by. There’ll be room under the coats to set things, too.

Baskets or shoe shelves underneath, depending on what your needs are. Either of these will create significant extra storage space.

A small countertop. Use it for things that will be picked up and taken with you. There will be bonus storage room underneath the counter as well. You’ll have to be strict about keeping clutter in check, but it will change the way you and your family use that space, with the junk disappearing underneath and a little patch of order on display to encourage good habits.

3. You have other, better places to store things.

Not everything that piles up at the door actually belongs in the entryway. In fact, there’s a good chance at least some of the clutter that’s littering that area of your home can probably be better stored elsewhere. The trick is to make sure those items’ true homes are kept nice and tidy so that it won’t be so tempting to simply drop them off at the door.

The closets in the kids’ bedrooms might do with an upgrade. Are the kids leaving things by the door because they don’t have adequate storage in their reach-in closets? Consider a closet purge party to get rid of unwanted closet clutter and make room for the things they should be storing there.

The garage can hold many things. A slatwall in the garage can hold a variety of hooks, hangers, and baskets, so there would be no need to leave large items like sports equipment by the door.

A pullout hamper or two installed in the house could keep sweatshirts, uniforms, and all sorts of muddy clothes off the floor and safely tucked away out of sight until laundry day.

With storage systems like these, it will be easier than ever for everyone in the family to keep the entryway neat and uncluttered—even if the kids need a few reminders now and again…

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Beautifully Organizing Your Entryway

When you upgrade your small entryway closet organization system, you want products that will look nice and stand up to constant hard use—we know how kids can be. Important things to look for include:

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