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Organizing a Slanted Wall Closet: Ideas for a Simple Remodel

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Feb 11, 2020

Organizing an irregular closet can be challenging, but these angled wall closet ideas from our experts can help!

A room with a slanted wall can be dramatic. There’s a visual interest to unusual angles, as you really get a sense of the construction of the house. Staircases, roofs, eaves—when these intersect a room, it makes for a completely different style.

It can also make storage a pain.

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Slanted walls break up storage and limit the room you have to put up shelves, cabinets, and more. If there is a slanted wall in your closet, chances are that you have struggled with fitting in it everything you need and keeping it all organized. The shelves are usually too short, too narrow, or both.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. A simple remodel can help you reimagine your organization. There are a lot of fairly simple slanted wall closet ideas to make your life easier, and make the room as livable as any other.

The Main Issues With Slanted Wall Closets

When we talk about slanted closets, we don’t mean that the shelves are slanted. If they were, it would be impossible to store your bowling balls, marbles, cheese wheels—or anything else, for that matter.

No, the problem is that a slanted closet literally narrows your options. The odd angles and foreshortened floor or ceiling means that it is nearly impossible to fit off-the-rack shelving or storage units into them.

Those store-bought shelves tend to come in one size, and that doesn’t work. Maybe one or two shelves in the unit will fit right. The others will be too long or too short. That’s a waste of money and doesn’t solve any of your problems.

That’s why your slanted wall closet ideas need to be creative, need to be specific for your space, and should ideally be customized. Here are some of our favorite ideas for maximizing the narrow space in a slanted wall closet.

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Slanted Wall Closet Ideas For Your Unique Space

To be clear, these oddly-angled closets can be large or small. That’s why you need to plan for a customer walk-in closet or a custom reach-in closet. Let’s look at ideas for both types of closet organizers for slanted walls.

Custom Walk-In Slanted Wall Closets

Walk-in closets with a slanted wall tend to have a lot of floor space but not a lot of wall space. They are usually on higher floors and are cut off by the roof. That’s why you’ll need to incorporate a lot of ground storage ideas, and will pretty much be eschewing the walls (though not entirely, as we’ll see).

  • Islands and peninsulas. These are the best way to use up your floor space. An island or peninsula has everything you need to maximize space in a closet with slanted walls. They often have cabinets and drawers to take away some of the need for slanted wall shelving. Their tops are also a great place to store jewelry stands, tie-racks, make-up cases, and more.

  • Laundry hampers. Hampers take up space in other parts of your house and are rarely sightly. Chrome laundry hampers are more fashionable, and in a slanted walk-in, they are a perfect fit. They won’t be as high as where the wall cuts in, which makes it an ideal storage place.

  • Wall cabinets. Wall cabinets that reach up to where the slant comes in can have deep drawers and wide tops. Like islands, they obviate the need for shelves.

  • Hideaway ironing boards. Raise your hand if you want an ironing board too high to reach. No one? Yup. That’s why a slanted wall closet is a great place to store your ironing board, and a hideaway one that comes out of the wall saves space and fulfills a key function in your house.

  • Adjustable shoe shelves. Closets with slanted walls can be a great place for storing shoes. There is a lot of floor space in them, so why not take up that space with shoes, leaving space in other closets? Shoe shelves can go along the floor, can be adjusted for boots, heels, sneakers, and more, and are a good use of existing space.

  • Mirror. It may sound a little odd, but think about putting a mirror on the slanted wall. The angle it provides can help you put on nail polish, cufflinks, and more. Having it right over a shelf or peninsula can be a great addition to an impromptu makeup counter.

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Custom Reach-In Slanted Wall Closets

Obviously, with a reach-in closet, you have a lot less space. But that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize it.

  • Slide-out tie/belt racks. Built into the side walls, these don’t have to be high. They can store a lot and yet take up very little space.

  • Built-in hampers. Putting in cabinets is your best bet for optimizing a reach-in storage space. Since slanted walls make it really hard to put in shelves, you’ll want to maximize what you can store, and cabinets with built-in laundry hampers are the most efficient way to do that. Clean clothes go in the drawers; dirty things go in the hidden hampers.

  • Other baskets and bins. You can use other baskets and bins to store sporting goods, seasonal equipment, and more. These should be sturdy, stylish, and use hardware that’s built to last.

  • Adjustable shelves. You might not be able to fit a lot of shelves, but if you have custom ones built just for you, it is possible to have a few—and that’s better than none at all!


Bonus Tips For Organization:

When you have limited space, you absolutely have to make the most of it. You can make the closet with the slanted roof a sort of seasonal closet, storing what is needed and about to be used and getting rid of everything else. Using chrome hooks, adjustable shelves, bins and baskets, and more, the small hall closet can be a great seasonal storage space. You can’t fit everything in it, so just fit what is needed.


Customize Your Slanted Wall Closet To Make a Perfect Fit

Not every house has a slanted wall closet. If yours does, it is pretty unique—which isn’t a bad thing, but it does mean that not everything is going to fit. Off-the-shelf just won’t do.

That’s where a custom design, production, and installation process can be really helpful. At Closet America, our slanted wall closet design experts come to your house, take exact measurements, and work with you to really figure out your needs. From there, we build original units to match those measurements and install them quickly and easily.

Having a slanted wall closet creates genuine storage issues. But a custom closet can provide a solution. If you’re ready to straighten things out, contact Closet America and schedule a free design consultation today. We’ll build you the space you need.

Closet America was able to work with my unique circumstances in order to give me the best use of my space.

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