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How Custom Corner Shelving for Your Closet Can Optimize Your Storage Space

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Aug 22, 2019

Custom corner shelving for your closet offers unique opportunities for designing and organizing a space that’s truly your own.

Sometimes, you just want to look at your cherished memories or re-read a book from your favorite author. But when books, photos, and treasured items are stored away in hard-to-reach boxes in the garage or the back of a closet, they can be difficult to access and frankly, a bit of a pain to go through each time you want to take a look.

Of course, sometimes you just don’t know where to put things, particularly in a closet. That’s why every nook and cranny is important to use. The various functions of corner shelving for closets—whether it’s a reach-in or walk-in—can offer maximum optimization of your storage space. Creating organized shelving in the corners of your closets can offer a special and unique place for your personal photos, classic books, and even a cozy area for your pets!

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3 Custom Corner Shelving Ideas for Your Closets

There are many clever ways to accomplish the goal of arranging corner shelving units in your closet nooks. Corner shelving units can be customized to meet just about any need; the following ideas can help you plan your optimal corner space.   

1) Create Corner Shelving for Small Closet Storage and Photo Display

Corner shelves are a great place to display your favorite photos or keepsakes. Try including small items on the shelf that relate to the theme of the photo(s), such as seashells to accompany images of a beach vacation or a tiny graduation cap for your children’s graduation photos (or your own!).

  • Display favorite photos on the corner top shelf where you can rotate your memories in simple, white, or same-colored frames.

  • Accompany your special memory photo with a memento of the occasion, such as a first seashell, a treasured souvenir from a family vacation, or a handmade ceramic.

  • Incorporate a shelf for framed memorabilia, such as special certificates, degrees, cherished childhood notes, or school photos. 

  • Include multiple, adjustable shelves below the top bookshelf for stackable storage of your photo albums. Add a small memory collage on top of the stack with clips of your first haircut, your children’s school photos, or a family photo.

  • Add a middle shelf for your glasses and a decorative bookmark holder so you can mark your favorite pages of photo albums.

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2) Create a Corner Shelf for Your Book Collections

Your favorite books are not doing you any good stuck in storage. That’s why it’s helpful to have a corner shelf that’s dedicated to your go-to top reads.

  • Use custom, adjustable shelves for reach-in closets. When you can set your adjustable shelves at any height, it is helpful so children can reach only certain items, and you can have other items at your eye level. 

  • Feature your first editions or longtime favorites on a middle corner shelf where they can be easily accessible. Here, you can add classics like “Where the Red Fern Grows,”  “Huckleberry Finn,” or “Great Expectations” to your collection display.

  • Create a corner shelf for your first memory books. These may include childhood, high school, or college yearbooks, for example.

  • Include a special, lower-level corner shelf of your first childhood books. This area will entertain toddlers with their favorite stories and accompanying stuffed animals. Consider a collection of modern or historical classic children’s books. Some ideas may be:

  • You may have some or want to collect the full set of “The Little Golden Books” and keep a golden blanket nearby for comfortable lounging.

  • Consider “Disney” classics that your little ones will love, along with a plush toy or collectible figurines.

  • Another fun idea to include would be to incorporate a nursery rhyme treasury for the wee little ones. You could even decorate your shelf with small Humpty Dumpty or Old MacDonald animal statuettes.

3) Make a Cozy Space for Your Special Pet

Speaking of animals, according to recent statistics, nearly 80 million U.S. families have a pet—representing 65 percent of all American households. Every cat likes its corner and secret space to go and hide. Creating a special nook in the closet for your cat or small dog to rest with his or her blanket can add peace and joy to your pet’s life.

  • Build a corner shelving for your closet that is at the perfect height for your cat to perch. If you have a small dog, support him or her with durable hardware features that prevent your pets shelf from falling or breaking.  

  • Incorporate a custom reach-in closet pet accessories shelf. Here you can store your pet’s favorite toys, treats, and care kit.

  • For a walk-in closet, set up a cushy dog or cat pillow or soft blanket for your pet. Include this next to the corner shelving area for your fur babies to cozy up to and rest.

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Implementing Your Custom Corner Shelf in Your Closet

When you can’t find your favorite photos, books, or treasured items, and you want to offer your pet a safe napping space, you may want to consider custom corner shelving for your closet. Maybe you simply just don’t know where to put your favorite yearbooks or childhood classics. Or, you just want to look at special memory photos on a special corner shelf without the hassle of digging through the garage. 

Whatever your motivation may be, you now have a few new ideas for corner shelving in your closets. Creating organized storage space in the corner of your closet can offer a special and unique place for your personal photos and books while gifting your pet with a favorite napping place. 

If you simply don’t know how to get started or need help incorporating these ideas for custom corner shelves in your own home’s closets, you may need some help. A free design consultation with an expert custom closet designer can help you with effective and creative ways to maximize and optimize your storage area including your nooks and crannies.

If you’re ready to install some handy custom corner shelving in your closet space, don’t wait—contact us today to get started!

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