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Home Office Arrangement Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Nov 5, 2019

Implementing great home office arrangement ideas just takes a dollop of imagination and a bit of elbow grease—and, perhaps, a little expert design help.

Imaginative people deserve imaginative offices.

For creative types, it’s important to have a workspace that’s not just useful, but inspiring. Something that keeps you motivated, even on those days when the ideas just won’t come—and the deadlines won’t stop coming. Luckily, that same creative spark that fuels your work can also be the catalyst for a long-overdue home office redesign. As Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

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Of course, such a potentially large home improvement project might feel overwhelming, especially if you’re not into handy work. However, having an organized home office, with all the tools of your trade neatly tucked away in their most convenient designated storage spaces, can not keep your imagination fresh—and can also keep you in a productive mindset. And all it really takes is a dollop of imagination and a bit of elbow grease—and, perhaps, a little expert design help.

Home Office Arrangement Ideas that Foster Creativity

Fostering creativity means working in a place you love and enjoying the work you do. If you’re a writer, maybe you need a desk and cabinet for your files as well as a comfy sitting space.

An artist, on the other hand, may need a place for an easel and canvases, not to mention paints and brushes. As for photographers, crafters, or digital designers—well, those are whole other ball games. But the one thing you all have in common is this: you all need easy, convenient access to all the tools and materials that go into bringing your creations to life. The more organized your things, the less time you’ll spend looking for them. And that means more time to dream, plan, and—as Neil Gaiman would say—“make good art.”

So what are your home office arrangement options?

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For the Writer:

For those who work as freelance journalists or even budding novelists, adjustable shelving offers brilliant opportunities to showcase objects of power—that is, items you draw inspiration from. These might include anything from a photo of you and a beloved pet to a seashell from a beach you frequented in your childhood, or even a collection of fantastical glass figurines. Or, take this opportunity to proudly display writing awards, hard-earned degrees, or a framed copy of your first (or personal favorite) poem.

But don’t stop your office daydreams at just adding a couple of shelves. Consider other custom storage options to keep manuscripts safely organized and important tools handy when you need them. For instance:

  • A chrome basket for your pens and pencils

  • A bin full of wide-lined notebook paper

  • A personalized work desk with deep drawers to accommodate five-subject spiral notebooks filled cover to cover with notes and early drafts

  • Additional heavy-duty shelves or cabinets for storing equally heavy-duty reference materials such as dictionaries, thesauruses, and style guides

This is the office you’ve always dreamed of, a place to nurture your creativity and empower your purpose. This is where your vision comes alive. It may be a whole dedicated home office space, or it may just be an office area in your living room. But wherever it is, the more suited it is to you and your tastes, the more writing you’ll likely get done while you’re in it.

For the Artist:

For the artist, a studio is necessary for spreading your wings and completing unfinished masterpieces, whether it is a painting or a graphic design. Home office arrangement ideas that balance functionality with your personal style preferences and workflow is key to keeping even the most disorganized creative minds on track.

An artist’s studio is no ordinary home office. It needs to incorporate several things to keep you focused on your creative mission—for instance:

  • A spacious desk or a work table

  • An easel or built-in whiteboard or video screen for the graphic artist

  • Spacious, adjustable shelves with individual bins and baskets for organizing materials such as paints, pencils, erasers, and pallets

  • A separate space for storing your cleaning tools, varnishes, and brushes

  • Tall built-in cabinetry for storing larger materials such as big canvases or materials for large-scale art installations

  • A perfect closet space for storing your smocks, gallery event wear, and loungewear

  • built-in laundry hamper into which you can toss your dripped-on or smudged clothing when you are finished for the day

Even if you’re not a natural organizer, creating a space that facilitates tidiness by ensuring everything has its proper place can make a world of difference in your studio—not to mention your state of mind!

For the Photographer:

Photographers, like other artists, know that aesthetic appeal requires an intentional balance between positive and negative space. It’s as true of artistic composition as it is of home office arrangement—a completely empty space devoid of visual interest is no better than a wildly chaotic area overpopulated with too much stuff and not enough breathing room.

While your specific needs may be different from that of a painter or mixed media master, you’ll still want to make use of many of the same custom design solutions to keep on top of your projects—particularly if you tend to work on many different projects at once. Your ideal home office may include any or all of the following:

  • Dovetail drawers for your cameras and lenses

  • An organized reach-in or walk-in closet for storing costumes and props for photoshoots

  • Custom corner shelving for displaying prized photos and memorabilia

  • Custom cabinetry for storing printing paper or a quick-grab photography kit for telecommuting to photography sessions

  • A custom-built desk that can double as a viewing table

  • Custom wall units for storing all those old, dog-eared copies of National Geographic and Aperture

Your newly organized office space will help keep things manageable even when work gets hectic, so you keep what matters most—your art—in perfect focus.

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As we consider these various home office arrangement ideas, let us not forget the designers who do landscaping, architectural, or home design, as well as the handy folk who need to organize craft supplies. Whether you’re an artist by trade or simply enjoy arts and crafts on the side, it’s important to have a creative sanctuary to which you can retreat whenever you need to—no matter what sort of artistic endeavor may be your particular passion or profession. While it may require a little extra work up front, the value you’ll get from creating such a space now will ultimately be priceless.

Crafting an Ideal Workspace with Custom Design

Creating your own private creative oasis means your workday will no longer drag by in your old, boring office. Instead, you’ll be filled with a renewed sense of purpose and productivity—perhaps even spontaneity—thanks to custom design. Everything will be exactly where you need it, when you need it. You’ll never lose track of your favorite pocket thesaurus, fan brush, or telephoto lens again, and you’ll feel more at home than ever because you’ll be working in a space that’s uniquely arranged according to your personal preferences.

Ready to put some of these imaginative home office arrangement ideas into action? Closet America can help you make it happen—contact us today, or feel free to schedule a free design consultation if you’d like to get started sooner rather than later.

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