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Decorative Hardware: Modern Knobs and Handles for Dresser Drawers, Cabinets, Closet Doors, and Furniture

3 minute read, by Adrian Tucker, on Dec 23, 2021

Decorative hardware, such as knobs for doors and cabinets and handles for drawers is a frequently overlooked design element that can really add to the design aesthetic of a space. Sure, these elements are a relatively small part of the space, and most people don’t give them a second thought. However, when done right, their color, shape, or material can really elevate a space. Decorative hardware can even be considered the jewelry of a room. Interior designers and home builders are both aware of the surprising design power decorative hardware holds. Further, homeowners that want their spaces to accurately reflect their style and vision expect no detail to go overlooked. Although the effects of decorative hardware are mainly associated with kitchens or bathrooms, the same design principles can also be applied to closets. If you want your closets to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, you should put some thought into closet door hardware and the hardware for dressers that you may have in your closets.

When it comes to closet door hardware and hardware for dressers, there are four main styles to consider: contemporary, traditional, transitional, and standard. Each is unique and can complement a variety of different design styles by either fitting right in and subtly contributing to the aesthetic or standing out and providing a much-needed pop. By taking a closer look at what makes decorative hardware different and unique, like closet door hardware, it will become much more apparent.


The contemporary style reflects many of the elements of modern design like simple shapes, clean lines, and smooth surfaces. This style of decorative hardware can also be considered minimalist. Thus, contemporary closet door hardware can help older closet door designs look fresh and updated. Some of the popular colors of contemporary hardware includes matte black, satin nickel, and bright chrome. Pair closet door hardware and hardware for dressers with a slab or accent doors for an ultra-modern look.


Traditional decorative hardware harkens back to designs of the 19th century and can be considered familiar, comforting, and even romanticized. It’s a classic, timeless design that can instantly make a space feel classy and more sophisticated. Traditional closet door hardware and hardware for dressers often feature intricate, decorative details and curves that can make them stand out more. Especially when compared to the contemporary style. Traditional hardware often comes in antique or brushed finishes like aged bronze, crystal, or gold and is typically paired with darker wood tones for an even more traditional look.


The transitional style became popular in American homes starting at around the 1940s and borrows from a variety of different design trends throughout history. A transitional decorative cabinet knob or handle will boast classic lines with a fresh feel, updating a classic look. Transitional closet door hardware and hardware for dressers are popular in a variety of colors – brass, bronze, nickel, chrome, and gray – and are often paired with Shaker or slab doors to create an updated take on a classic look.


Standard decorative hardware offers simple, clean options that are ideal for creating a streamlined space. A standard transitional decorative cabinet knob or handle is reminiscent of a mid-century design that championed simplicity and function over extravagance. Standard hardware provides an understated look that, while less eye-catching than some of the other decorative hardware styles, shouldn’t be underestimated. These are typically paired with slab doors.

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