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Declutter Your Historic Annapolis Bedroom With Custom Closet Shelving

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Jul 1, 2016

Older Annapolis homes are charming but sometimes short on spare footage. A custom closet system helps you maximize space in a small master bedroom.

Annapolis’s Historic District has been officially recognized for 51 years, but its picturesque scenery and classic architecture have been around far longer. Living here, you’re surely familiar with all the great features the district offers (and perhaps with the not-so-great noise and traffic). You’re likely also familiar with the challenges of living in a small space.

Limited space is part of the tradeoff of living in a building that‘s both a piece of history and a modern dwelling, of course. And most of the time, the tradeoff is worth it. Still, if you struggle to fit all your furniture into your bedroom, or feel forced to choose between covering up charming architectural details and having a place to hang clothing, you might have a moment of doubt—and the headache is doubled when two people have to share the storage of a single room. If you can already feel your temples twinging, a custom closet design may allow you to get more livable space out of your bedroom while still allowing the room itself to shine.

Ditch the Dresser (or at Least Get it Out of the Way)

An obvious first move toward saving space is to get rid of your dresser or wardrobe. There are two options for this. If you already have a dresser (and your closet is large enough), we can create a custom closet design that houses your entire dresser. Shelving and cabinets can be fitted around it so that it’s perfectly integrated into your walk-in and off the bedroom floor.

If your closet is on the small side—like many in Annapolis—you’ve still got plenty of options. In this case, we’d suggest ditching a dresser altogether and creatively incorporating drawers into your closet design.

For example, if your closet has high ceilings but limited square footage, our designers might suggest taking full advantage of the space by installing a stack of narrow drawers with a wardrobe lift above it. For a space that’s low and narrow, we might split those drawers up and tuck one or two beneath each of your hanging rods. We can even work around oddly shaped nooks and crannies—that’s the beauty of a custom design.

Bookshelves and Accessory Storage Save Space, Too

You may also be able to shift other common bedroom items to your walk-in. We can add high, divided shelving around the perimeter of your closet to store books and DVDs so that evening entertainment is close at hand but doesn’t require a standalone bookshelf. This type of shelving also works well for photos and knick-knacks you might typically display on a side table.

This same principle applies to other common accessories. For example, velvet-lined jewelry drawers integrated into your closet system eliminate the need for a jewelry box (after all, you’d typically keep a jewelry box on your now non-existent dresser). Wall pegs or slide-out baskets make a great place to store scarves and hats without the need for a hat tree. You might even decide to trade in your floor-standing cheval mirror for a mirrored wall inside your closet.

Match a New Closet with Classic Decor

Clients in historic homes sometimes hesitate to take the leap because they’re worried that a new closet system will look out of place. It’s a valid concern, but one our range of styles and finishes should help alleviate.

Cabinet door options like square raised front panels or frosted glass offer a sophisticated look, and our finishes include everything from a weathered gray Vintage Rio to a reddish-brown Port or classic Antique White. Your custom closet can look as refined as the rest of your home.

A Historic Home Deserves a Bespoke Bedroom Closet

The rich history and enduring cultural vibrancy of downtown Annapolis make it a special place to live. It’s a fortunate few who enjoy the opportunity to call it home. Still, that doesn’t mean your home won’t present challenges.

If you struggle to create enough space in your bedroom and aren’t sure how to store modern possessions in a room designed for simpler times, you have more options that you might think. Our design experts have been creating personalized solutions for clients in the Maryland area for years, and we’d be happy to do so for you. Get in touch with us today for a free design consultation.

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