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Closet Cubbies: Custom Storage and Cubby Shelves for Closets

2 minute read, by Closet America, on May 11, 2022

Cubby shelves for closet storage and cubbies for clothes have always been a popular choice because of how versatile they are. If you like being able to visualize everything, you can store different items in each cubby so you can easily see everything in your closet space while keeping it organized. Alternatively, if you like keeping things tucked away and out of sight until you need them, you can put cute baskets in each cubby and label them all. Additionally, you can mix and match the two styles to create a visually interesting look and make your storage cubby shelves for closets as aesthetically appealing as they are functional. Moreover, closet cubbies can help you maximize the storage space you have because they store more things than traditional shelves.

If you’re looking to get better organized and keep your belongings easily accessible, closet cubbies are the perfect solution. The only question is: what kind of closet cubbies work best for your needs? Depending on what you’re envisioning, custom cubby storage might be the best route. However, it’s recommended that you familiarize yourself with the different types of closet cubbies and what they’re intended to be used for before you commit to a custom closet solution.

Tie Cubbies

Although there are tie racks that serve a similar purpose, don’t underestimate the functionality of tie cubbies! Tie cubbies are a much more sophisticated storage solution compared to most of the plastic tie racks that are often found online. They also make finding the right tie that goes with your outfit easy. Next, they’ll turn your collection of ties into an impressive work of art that you can stand back and admire from time to time. If you really want to make a statement piece out of your tie storage, consider getting custom cubby storage designed to ensure the aesthetics and function are combined to your liking.

Belt Cubbies

Like tie cubbies, belt cubbies allow you to show off your collection of belts and make it easy for you to find the right one that matches your outfit. No longer will you have to wrangle one belt out of a drawer that’s tangled amongst others. Instead, you can simply spot the one you want and grab it. Aesthetically, they are also a lot more sophisticated than a belt rack.

Linen Cubies

Using cubbies in your linen closet can help keep towels, bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and other fabrics compartmentalized into shorter, more manageable stacks. Depending on the amount of each you have, a custom cubby storage solution may be perfect for your needs.

Shoe Cubbies

Because of their unique shapes, finding ways to store shoes effectively can be difficult. Sure, you can store them in the boxes they came in and stack them up. However, that takes up lots of space and can make it inconvenient to get access to the pair you’re looking for. This is a problem that closet cubbies can fix. If you have a sprawling shoe collection or consider yourself a sneakerhead, then custom cubby storage might be right for you!

Custom Closet Storage

Cubby shelves for closet storage can be turned into a work of art and really highlight your collection of not only ties, belts, and shoes, but handbags, books, collectibles, craft supplies, and so many other things too.

Want to learn more about how clothing cubbies can add style and function to your closet design? Or maybe you’ve been inspired to start thinking about a custom storage solution. Regardless, reach out to the organizational experts and contact us at Closet America today!

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