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A Custom Closet for Your Entryway Keeps Your Home Organized Year-Round

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Nov 14, 2017

Mired in a messy mudroom? Clean up your entryway with custom closet design!

Organization can be a challenge for any household, no matter how many people happen to be living at home. Families with children struggle with clutter just as much as unmarried adults do—if only in different ways. But one thing that all homes seem to have in common is the entryway. Whether that preferred door is at the front of the house or just off the garage, these are the spaces that see the most traffic and tend to collect the most mess. And not every home is blessed with a handy coat closet in the foyer where you can conveniently hide all of your shoes!

Custom design offers a solution that’s a perfect fit for every home. With or without a dedicated entryway coat closet, custom closet systems can be used to organize, display, and wrangle all of the items that tend to congregate in the corners. From the outerwear of visiting guests to the briefcase that takes up valuable counter space and the school backpacks that spill over into the walkway, every item can be brilliantly organized with a custom mudroom.

custom mud room

The Mudroom was Created with Kids in Mind

As you can imagine, families with multiple kids tend to struggle with entryway clutter the most. The addition of each child only seems to multiply the clutter exponentially, until everyone starts to wonder how your family ever acquired that many shoes, lonely socks, and miscellaneous sports items. If you’ve tried to keep order with a “no shoes in the front hallway” rule or a “catch-all” trunk, you’ll be pleased to find that a custom mudroom does an even better job of keeping everything under control.

For growing families, we recommend that you include a storage space for each individual person, no matter how small. Mom, Dad, and all three kids can have their own nook for coats and bags—in fact, they can even have their own pull-out chrome basket to hold shoes. This solution eliminates the muss and fuss of having everybody depositing their clutter in the very same landing space.

custom mudroom shelves

Adults Need a Mudroom, Too

Though it’s slightly harder to explain away, households without kids may also struggle with the entryway situation. Keys, coats, umbrellas, purses, work bags, gym clothes, and an unimaginable number of shoes always tend to get lost somewhere in the chaos surrounding the front door. Even a household with two adults can have a real clutter problem in the foyer, especially if they’re always coming and going.

In this case, it might be best to organize your entryway closet and custom mudroom design according to categories. You can designate a small row of hooks where all the household keys will reside. Install a drawer for gloves, hats, and other small winter items. Include a row of larger hooks for outerwear, and leave shelves open for bags. While the adults of your household aren’t likely to get into a tantrum over not having their own chrome basket, it might still be a good idea to include a few just to help with the shoe problem. When everything’s said and done, it’ll be much easier to keep the entryway presentable year-round.

custom mudroom cabinets

Mudrooms and the Single Life

What if you’re the only inhabitant of your home, but still want your home to give a good first impression from the moment visitors step through the front door? A custom mudroom can be designed for your specific needs, and can easily be custom fit to a small space. If you’re finding that those three hooks beside the front door no longer keep your entryway clear, you’ll want to consider investing in a longer-lasting solution.

A beautifully designed combination of shelves, a drawer or two, and a chrome basket may be all you need in order to keep everything together. But I always encourage my clients to consider the number of guests they are likely to typically have and leave a little extra space in the mudroom for their items. Nothing looks dirtier than a disorganized foyer—and nothing looks more welcoming than a customized space patiently waiting to house a guest’s coat and bag. Even in a household of one, a custom coat closet for the entryway can be a huge benefit.

custom mudroom cabinetry

Where You Can Get the Best Custom Closet for Your Entryway

With a custom closet shelving system installed in either your home’s front coat closet or out in the entryway itself, you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to keep the home clean. Gone are the days of lugging a laundry basket full of shoes upstairs to be put away, and you’ll no longer have to push through twenty coats in a stuffed entry coat closet to get to the item you need. The custom mudroom adds sophistication and organization to any home,  no matter what number of people will be walking through the door.

Looking to get your own entryway custom closet that adds foyer closet organization? If you’re in the Northern Virginia area, reach out to schedule a free design consultation with Closet America. We’re a locally and independently owned custom closet design company that crafts the best closets in the industry, from start to finish. We’re excited to partner with you to solve your entryway clutter problem once and for all.


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