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The Top 5 Custom Closet Ideas You Need to Try in Your Home

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Oct 23, 2017

These 5 custom design ideas can help you create a closet you’ll be proud to show off.

When visitors tour your home, do you show them the closets? If you even hesitated to say “Yes!”, it’s clear that you could use some help in the custom closet organization department. With high-quality custom-made shelving systems in place, you can’t help but show off these often-overlooked rooms in your house. With beautiful new built-in cabinetry, drawers, shelves, and accessories, your closets will completely transform the way you display items throughout the home.

Need some inspiration to get started? We’ve prepared a few custom closet ideas that might change your mind about how much you love storage. With a little help from your local design expert and a handful of thoughtfully-designed accessories, these rooms become pure closet goals.

Custom Closet Idea #1: Custom Shoe Shelves


You don’t have to have a shoe addiction to benefit from custom shoe shelves. Instead of warehousing past flights of fancy, shoe shelves help you view every pair in all its glory. You can evaluate your collection at a single glance. And having your footwear organized and displayed beautifully makes a huge difference in the amount of use you get out of each item. Custom shoe shelving will display your collection properly, letting you make the best selection for every outfit—not just whichever pair is easiest to reach.

Custom Closet Idea #2: Islands and Peninsulas

custom closet island and peninsulaIslands aren’t just for the kitchen anymore. In our experience, they’re a great way to add more counter space, drawers, and/or cabinetry to a closet that might otherwise have too much unused floor space. Unless you’re twirling in your socks in the middle of your master walk-in every single morning, it’s safe to assume that you could make better use of that square footage.

In large walk-in closets, and especially in master walk-ins, an island is an excellent place for laying out your attire for the next day or to arrange separates without having to try on every piece in combination. You’ll find the additional work surface to be endlessly convenient. Plus, every decade or so, you may need to sew a new button onto a shirt. Your island will be the perfect workspace for the job.

Custom Closet Idea #3: Jewelry Drawers

custom closet jewelry drawerI like this one in particular because it has a bit of Carrie Mathieson/James Bond vibe. It looks like a sock drawer, but when opened it reveals your prized valuables surrounded by soft luxurious velvet. We recommend getting the drawers installed slightly above hip level, which lets you try on different pieces quickly when desired. When locked away, they will wait unobtrusively, out of sight and secure.

Custom Closet Idea #4: Belt Racks

custom closet belt rackIf you haven’t installed one already, we highly recommend a belt rack as part of any custom closet. Although you might enjoy the quiet jangle you get from looping belts on hanger hooks, that’s not the easiest way to pick the right accessory for your outfit. With a hook for each belt in your collection, you’ll give these often-pricey accessories the proper room to breathe. This will also let you see them all at once, and select the one you want without having to disturb the other belts nearby.

Custom Closet Idea #5: Hideaway Ironing Boards

custom closet ironing boardHideaway ironing boards may seem like a throwback to Murphy beds and other built-in furniture. However, they’ve always been a favorite choice for people who don’t like dealing with freestanding ironing boards—either in use or in storage. Traditional standalone ironing boards are too big and unwieldy to store directly in your walk-in, and most definitely are not an item you want to showcase. With a built-in version which tucks away nicely, you can get some quick ironing done in peace once you’re done showing off the room to visitors.

Custom Ideas to Create Your Ideal Closet

Whether you’re dreaming about a new closet renovation or you’re trying to convince your spouse why a big-box store’s DIY kit just won’t do, these ideas are here to spark your interest. Closets don’t have to be the bane of every home’s existence. In ours, they are the stars of the show, and for good reason. Custom-made to fit your exact specifications, these closet systems are the ultimate luxury for those who want to optimize storage and enhance organization.

Want to learn more about what a custom closet could do for your home? Schedule your free design consultation with one of Closet America’s design experts. We’ll work with you to evaluate each of the storage spaces that need a facelift, and you can bet on being supremely inspired by all of the other custom ideas that will be thrown your way.


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