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How Custom Mudroom Storage Can Completely Revive Your Entryway

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Feb 5, 2019

At Closet America, we take pride in creating custom mudroom storage that perfectly fits your space and your taste.

School. Soccer. Band. Hockey. Debate club. Playdates. Real dates. Work. Movies. Hanging out.

If you’re a parent in the DC area, all of these activities could happen in just one day. You probably find yourself trying to balance your schedule with the kids’ while also trying to figure out who needs what and when and where they need to be. What may seem chaotic to some seems is a typical day for you but things could definitely be easier.

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What would be really helpful is a way to get organized and plan ahead to set yourself up for success every day. There are a lot of ways to do that, but an often-overlooked one is right at the front of your house: your entryway.

This is more than just a foyer with a few hooks. With custom mudroom storage, you can transform your life. Installing a custom mudroom can be a way to get organized and stay that way. It can also revive your entryway by being stylish and practical.

At Closet America, we take pride in creating custom mudroom storage that perfectly fits your space and your taste. We love helping our DC neighbors bring some order to their wonderful, fun, sometimes crazy, and always busy lives.

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5 Ways Custom Mudroom Storage Can Improve Your Day

You might be slightly skeptical that a mudroom can improve your day-to-day. We’re not saying it is a personal assistant or anything, but it can bring some order to your routine. There are a few ways how.

1. You’ll Have a Place For Everything

You have a lot of stuff, and your kids have a lot of stuff. You want to be able to make sure you can store whatever you need in a way that is neat and accessible. When you have a custom-designed mudroom from Closet America, it comes with all the storage modalities and accessories that you need, including:

  • Lockers with or without doors

  • Beautiful and sturdy chrome hooks

  • Double chrome hooks that can hold full backpacks

  • Slide-out drawers

  • Adjustable shelving

The last one is especially crucial since you know that as the year changes, so do the items you need.

2. Adjust Your Mudroom By Season

If your family is comprised of athletes, you likely have tons of gear that need to be readily available throughout the year. We also know that regardless of activities, sometimes you need sandals for the punishing heat and other times galoshes for the wet and muddy cold.

That’s the heart of adjustable shelving. You shouldn’t be limited in what you can keep in your mudroom by a static style. That doesn’t work for anyone, much less busy DC families. Adjust your mudroom needs along with the adjustment of your schedule.

3. Keep a Daily Routine

Custom mudroom storage helps keep you on time. There’s no more running around wondering which shoe is where now, or trying to remember where your youngest dropped off their jacket after running inside. Everything is in its right place, perfectly.

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of that. Much like how a custom pantry keeps your kitchen in order and makes meals easier and more predictable, a custom mudroom can take the guesswork out of every morning. In fact, you can even plan ahead.

4. Plan Ahead

That’s right. The dream of every busy family is to be able to look ahead and be ready for what’s coming in a few days or even a few weeks. A custom mudroom helps you have everything ready for when soccer starts or ends, or when you need to have the tuba case available to grab.

Planning ahead is key. For example, you can have your favorite rain-jacket in place because you saw the forecast a few days ago.

5. Keep the Rest Of the House Clean

This might be the Holy Grail. Don’t worry about a trail of clothes and shoes. Don’t worry about mud from soggy fields being imprinted on every floor and somehow a good number of walls in your home. Don’t worry about everything ending up wherever the wind (or the clutter of kids) takes it.

A mudroom decreases clutter and gives everyone a comfortable space to take off the outside before coming into the rest of the house. You can even install benches so that there is no excuse for people not to take off their shoes. That’s why it’s called a mudroom—it keeps the mud away from the rest of your home.

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Custom-Designed and Reliable Features

The key to having the right mudroom is having custom-designed storage that matches the needs of your family. That means precise measurements of the space, a consultation of what you need, discussion about your style, and of course, making sure we put hooks where your kids can reach them.

That’s the whole point. This isn’t an off-the-shelf storage system that you have to contort to fit in your unique space and around which your family has to adjust. No, our process designs the mudroom around you. It fits your room and your family.

Your family is impossible to define. You’re a unique and eclectic set of activities and interests. Your mudroom needs to be just as unique. So contact us today and let’s help you bring some order to your lifestyle. It all starts with a custom-designed mudroom. 

Closet America was able to work with my unique circumstances in order to give me the best use of my space.

Amy B.,
Fairfax Station, VA

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