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Custom Closets Keep Your Rockville, MD Home Clutter-Free

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Oct 5, 2017

A simple closet remodel can completely transform the way you store, display, and play with your ever-growing wardrobe.

Living in the retail mecca of Montgomery County can be a dream come true. Whether you’re loving Federal Plaza for its budget-friendly finds or you’re indulging in the best that luxury has to offer at Congressional Plaza, there’s a place for every kind of shopping enthusiast in Rockville. If you’re even remotely interested in fashion, the unending variety of storefronts in this small area alone will help you meet your most imaginative wardrobe goals.

It’s no surprise that many of our Rockville clients are seeking custom closet solutions to help wrangle their ever-growing collections. From Vogue-inspired fashionistas to the gentlemen who aspire to become a walking example of the GQ style section, our clients find a simple closet remodel (or, in some cases, adding additional storage elsewhere) can completely transform the way they store, display, and play with their wardrobes.

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Optimizing Your Walk-In Closet

First and foremost, a master closet upgrade will do wonders for the way you see and use your clothing collection. Shopping enthusiasts in the Baltimore-Washington metro area often find that the standard closet setup with one hanging rod and one long shelf just doesn’t do enough for organizing, storing, or displaying a truly gorgeous wardrobe—and custom design can give you the sense of glamour that the most important room in your house deserves.

When you start with custom-crafted thermally fused laminate shelving, perfectly designed to your exact specifications and in a finish that strikes your fancy, it’s easy to see how a custom closet will be a serious upgrade. Add in sturdy, dove-tailed drawers, multiple hanging rods, and a mix of closed and open cabinetry, and you’re suddenly blessed with a room perfectly compartmentalized to fit every category of clothing you could own. From the cocktail dresses you don for an evening out at Rockville Town Square to the uniform you trudge the Red Line in, we can create a space for everything. If you’ve got a little additional floor space, your designer can work an island or peninsula into your custom walk-in design for even more flair (and extra counter space).

custom walk in closet island

Go Beyond Basic With Accessories

Already, you’ve completely reimagined what your master closet can do. Now it’s time to add the little details that make a custom closet truly special. With these touches of luxury, the walk-in will feel more like Montrose Crossing and less like the standard strip center. It’ll soon be the room you can’t wait to show off to friends and family when they visit your home.

Here are just a few ideas for custom closet accessories that take your standard walk-in closet from basic to beyond belief:

  • Create a bank (or an entire wall) of custom-designed angled shoe shelves. This is the quickest and easiest way to make your closet feel like it belongs to Maryland’s hidden class of royalty.

  • Add in beautiful custom lighting elements that create the right amount of sparkle and shine to showcase your entire collection. From inset LEDs above hanging rods to the central light fixture, custom lighting will transform the entire room.

  • Go crazy with built-in hooks, valet rods, and pull-out racks for belts and ties. These small accessories pack a big punch for adding visual variety in your closet space and are great places for casual (or not so casual) display of your favorite items.

  • Install velvet-lined jewelry drawers to give your master closet the true feel of a boutique. This is one accessory that is as time-saving as it is beautifying in your closet space.

custom walk in closet shelving

Expand Your Wardrobe Beyond the Closet

One of my favorite projects as a closet designer is turning unique or unusual spaces into pristine custom closets. For those whose wardrobe collection simply cannot be contained in a single walk-in closet (trust me, we understand), it’s common to give some custom design love to a reach-in closet in another bedroom or to create a second master closet. Rockville Pike sometimes isn’t big enough to carry all traffic through town, after all—why not build another thoroughfare where you can?

The truth of the matter is that many walk-in closets just aren’t big enough to do the job of a full Hollywood-style dressing room—and that’s when our clients enlist our help to transform a spare bedroom into a second master closet. It’s quite simple to craft a stunning storage space where none existed before using the same accessories and luxurious design elements listed above. If you’re looking for a solution to your above-and-beyond clothing storage needs, this may be your ticket to organization.

custom reach in closet

Getting Your Own Custom Closets in Rockville, MD

Is all of this sounding a little too good to be true? Go ahead and pinch yourself now because custom design can make even your biggest #closetgoals a reality. With a newly optimized walk-in closet, stunning custom accessories, and the option of additional clothing storage, you’ll be all set to take Rockville’s shops by storm.

Ready to get started on your own personal custom closets? Take a second to sign up for a free design consultation with Closet America. One of our design experts will come directly to your Rockville home to take measurements and discuss all of your custom closet dreams. You’ll have closets to inspire envy in no time.


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