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10 Pantry Organization Ideas for Small Pantry Storage

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Jul 23, 2019

Transform your cluttered pantry into a delightfully arranged storage space using these handy small pantry closet organization ideas for small spaces.

In today’s chaotic lifestyle, it can be difficult to find time to fit in a meal, let alone cook for yourself or your family. When creating your favorite quick dinner or snack, it’s frustrating not to be able to easily access your ingredients and waste valuable time filtering through the clutter of a small, disorganized pantry space.

By integrating custom-designed solutions for common small pantry problems, you can banish disarray from your small kitchen storage space for good. Custom shelves, drawers, and other space-saving components will maximize your storage space. You can house your food, snacks, linens, and appliances in one small area without all the mess. Simply transform clutter into a delightfully-arranged area using these useful snack pantry organization ideas for your small pantry.

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Pantry Organization Ideas for Your Small Pantry

1)          Inventory your pantry. Take everything out, inventory, and organize food, linens, and small appliances by frequency of use. This will help you to better understand your pantry contents. 

  • Throw away any old or expired items that are taking up space.

  • Combine boxes or containers that are nearly empty into one container.

  • Group like items together into the same area.

2)          Categorize and organize by type, bulk, and perishables. This will help you to condense and combine.

  • Organize items further by paper, plastic, condiments, seasonings, oils, cans, and bottles.

  • Combine bulk items into clear containers and label them.

  • Place fresh fruits, veggies, bread, and perishables in a separate area.

3)     Organize the most commonly-used items to be accessible at the front of your pantry. Place the least-used items in the back.

  • For produce used regularly, place in a chrome basket for quick access. Apples, potatoes, and fresh veggies may fall into this category.

  • Organize dry foods and baking ingredients on a spinning rack.

  • Place vinegar, soy sauce, and less frequently used items in a storage bin in the back or at the bottom of the pantry for storage.

4)      Optimize organization with adjustable shelves enabling individualized space for your items.

  • Better utilize the space with sturdy, safe metal tab-enabled shelves.

  • Work with quality, standard-¾-inch pantry shelving to adjust the position and height of your shelves in your pantry as desired.

  • Use solid shelves to house your small kitchen appliances, spices, and bulk items.

5)      Use the back of pantry doors to your advantage. This space is often unused. By including components for simple hang up items, you’ll ensure space is not wasted.

  • Add a hook on the inside of your door for your apron or potholders.

  • Utilize wire racks on the doors for quick access products.

  • Optimize small closet space by attaching custom racks for frequent use items.

6)      Incorporate chrome baskets or pull-out storage for boxes, snacks, cans, and jars. This will keep your regularly-accessed foods within simple reach.

  • Keep boxed mixes such as waffles, casseroles, and cakes in pull-out storage. This will help you neatly arrange your boxes in a stack.

  • Use chrome baskets or bins for your snack area. Baskets will accommodate various shapes and individually-packaged pretzels and chips.

  • Pull-out storage ensures your cans and jars are organized and accessible.

7)      Use high and low spaces. Utilize even your high space for vertical storage items and floor space for stackable items. Top or bottom pantry areas can be used for:

  • Things you only need on a rare occasion or holiday.

  • Storing specialty items such as recipe books or heirloom family memorabilia.

  • Items which don’t require stacking, but rather take up space vertically.

8)      Consider soft-close drawers for your linens, tablecloths, and cooking boards offering you a special way to keep sets together.

  • Neatly store away cloth napkins, table cloths, and other items.

  • Add dividers as necessary to further organize your contents.

  • Consider a slim drawer area for cutting boards and cookie sheets.

9)      Install pull-out shelves. Pull-out, handy sliding shelves to tuck away things that you still need as readily-available.

  • Functional, sliding shelves enable you to organize items like seasonings.

  • Pull-out shelves offer you a simple way to slide and view your shelves’ contents.

  • When you are in a hurry to make dinner and have a favorite recipe in mind, include all the ingredients on one pull-out shelf for easy access when it’s time to start cooking.

10)      Light your late-night snack pantry for style and appeal, incorporating LED lights for after-hours snacking. This is:

  • An exceptional way to add light to a dark, small pantry area.

  • Especially helpful for homes with teenagers with late-night appetites.

  • A pampered extra for homes where family members are raiding the pantry at all hours.

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Unique and Sturdy Ways to Organize Food

When you have a small pantry and need unique strategies to organize food away from your valuable counter space, consider the above pantry organization ideas for small pantry inspiration to tackle your pantry decluttering. Custom shelves and components can be professionally crafted and manufactured with a thermofused finish for complete durability.

It’s important to implement a pantry that will last you a lifetime. This is attainable by working with a manufacturer of high-quality, fully-guaranteed components and scratch-resistant durable shelves.

Experience the Best in Small Pantry Design

When you want the best in small pantry design, ask a contractor if they can offer you a 3-D model displaying visually what your small pantry will look like.  A professional pantry storage designer should offer a free design consultation along with a visual model, exceptional craftsmanship, and premium service to implement the best pantry organization ideas for your small pantry storage.

So next time you are looking through your pantry for special ingredients, you’ll experience the ultimate reach-in pantry possible, where every item has a special space. Neat, organized, and prepped for your ease of cooking and grocery planning, a custom-built and installed small pantry will make all the difference for cooking quick meals and easily grabbing the items you need when you need them.

Experienced professionals meet with homeowners in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia and offer an unlimited lifetime warranty. They work around your schedule to meet when it’s convenient for you—and before you know it, your pantry is organized and ready for quick meals and delightful snacks.

If you’re ready to organize and banish clutter from your small pantry storage, don’t wait—contact Closet America today!

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