The Best Custom Closets in McLean Add Ease to Your Busy Lifestyle

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For busy homeowners in McLean, custom closets are the best solution for every organizational problem. Whether you have a few too many blazers or you need extra space to store your heavy winter boots, Closet America will build you a custom closet that is sleek, sophisticated, and most of all, well-organized. When you book a free design consultation with us today, you’ll see what makes our closets perfect for McLean families on-the-go.

Design Features That Help You Stay Organized

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Although McLean is a charming, quiet city, it’s home to some of the most active families in the country. From government officials to entrepreneurs, many professionals choose to live in the picturesque city of McLean and commute to Washington DC every morning.

At Closet America, we understand the pressures that busy families in Fairfax County, Virginia face to stay organized. After all, it can get difficult to leave for work on time if you can’t find your dress shoes or you need to help your daughter iron her school uniform.

Closet America specializes in design features that make staying organized easy. After booking a free consultation with us, a member of our design team will visit your home in-person and speak with you about the design features that your family will find the most useful. Our McLean custom closets include:

  • Built-In Laundry Hampers and Ironing Boards: If you’re tired of asking your children to put their dirty clothes in the laundry room, having hampers installed directly in the closet may encourage them to keep their rooms clean. Or, if you wear a crisp suit to work every morning, a hideaway ironing board can also help you look sharp.
  • Adjustable Shoe Shelves: McLean experiences every season in full force; the winters can be downright frigid, while the summers are blazing. In this climate, you need everything from tall, thick winter boots to open-toed sandals. Closet America’s custom adjustable shoe shelves can accommodate any size shoe, making it easy to transition from your summer wardrobe to your winter staples.
  • Slide-Out Tie Racks and Valet Rods: When you wear a tie to work every day, you probably have a large collection in every color and pattern imaginable. To keep these ties from winding up on the floor of your closet, slide-out racks keep them organized and out of the way until you need them. Valet rods can also help you pick out your children’s outfits for the week, making the morning school routine a breeze.
  • Closet Islands: Islands and peninsulas in the center of your walk-in closet offer you a greater amount of storage space. You can also use the tall countertop to fold or hang your clothes without having to set them on the floor first.
  • Storage Displays and Drawers: Clear glass display cases show off your favorite handbags and accessories. Meanwhile, lockable jewelry storage drawers keep your heirlooms safe.

As you can see, Closet America offers a wide range of storage options for families and couples alike. We believe that every McLean custom closet should perfectly match the homeowner’s unique lifestyle and needs, which is why we always visit your home personally. During your consultation, we get to know your sense of style and your storage needs. From here, we create a digital model of your closet so that you can see what the final result will look like from top to bottom.

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Quality Materials, Custom-Built for Every Member of the Family

Whether you’ve just moved to Chesterbrook or you’ve owned a home in Lewinsville Heights for years, revamping your closets should be high on your priority list. Having an efficient custom closet system is essential for keeping your family organized, and when you install a new closet in your home, you’ll immediately notice a difference in your daily routine.

However, while a brand new closet is exciting, at Closet America, we also believe that quality custom closets should last for decades. McLean homeowners shouldn’t have to revamp their closets every few years, as this is a time-consuming process for busy families. This is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on every closet we install—not only are our designs timeless and sophisticated, they also are built with durability in mind.

Every piece of your new custom closet is manufactured and inspected by-hand in our local Maryland warehouse. We use only the highest quality materials in every design as well as techniques like hot air edge banding to reduce the risk of peeling.

How to Design Your Own McLean Custom Closets

Closet America is a local company that fully understands all of the organizational demands that McLean homeowners face. We work closely with you to design custom closets that not only look chic, but that also serve an important function in your home. We bring the consultation to you, giving you complete control over every single detail of the process.

If you’re ready to design a custom closet in your McLean home, schedule a free consultation with Closet America today. Our designers will visit your home personally to create an organization plan that is tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you want a new walk-in closet for your master bedroom or you’re looking to revamp every closet in your home, we can help you make your vision come to life.

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