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Columbia’s Best Custom Closets are Spacious, Sleek, and Sophisticated

For one family in Columbia, custom closets weren’t just a nice addition to their home—they were completely life-changing. The Davis family recently installed new custom, reach-in closets in every bedroom of their Pennington Acres home, and the final results exceeded even their wildest expectations. Just a few months after their closet renovations, the Davis’ two young children actually started putting their toys and clothes away in their new closets (a small miracle in the Davis household). In fact, everyone in the family seemed to feel more relaxed and organized now that each of them had a spacious, cleverly-designed closet to call their own.

Isn’t it about time that you experienced the same feeling in your own household? We create Columbia’s best custom closets to fit the complex needs of your family. Not only are our closets expertly-designed and crafted from the highest-quality materials, they’re also stunning to look at and a breeze to use.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. These four Columbia families recently experienced the custom closet difference for themselves:

Making the Most Out of a Small Reach-In Closet

When the Davis family contacted Closet America, they were in desperate need of more storage space for their growing family. Their three-bedroom Pennington Acres townhouse was the perfect size, however, their home’s narrow structure meant that closet space was scarce. Each bedroom had just one small reach-in closet. The couple didn’t have enough room to hang their clothes in their shared master bedroom closet and their two young children also struggled with the limited closet space in their rooms.

Closet America’s custom, reach-in closet system helped the Davis family finally tackle their clutter problem. In the master bedroom, our closet designers installed features like slide-out valet rods, wardrobe lifts, and adjustable shoe shelves at the base of the reach-in closet to make the most out of the Davis’ limited space.

In the kids’ bedrooms, the closet designer included custom basket shelves specifically designed to house their many stuffed animals and even adjusted the height of the closet rods and shelves to make it easier for the children to access their favorite toys, shoes, and jackets. As a result, the children kept their bedrooms much cleaner, which was a relief for everyone in the family.

Our closet designers realize that when you live in a townhouse in one of the most populated suburbs of Columbia, custom closets are absolutely essential because closet space is so limited. The Davis family was able to make the most out of this space by customizing their closets to meet their exact needs.

Creating a Sleek His and Hers Closet

Like the Davis family, the Lee family also faced a closet conundrum: the couple only had one reach-in closet in their master bedroom, and this was creating serious tension in their household. Mrs. Lee’s stylish heels and boots were starting to take over every shelf, while Mr. Lee’s silk ties ended up on just about every available surface except his tie rack. The couple squabbled over the tiny closet because they didn’t know how to organize the space to suit both of their needs.

To solve this problem, the Lees hired Closet America to design a custom his and hers closet that would help them finally get organized. Because we design our custom closets from scratch, we were able to customize every aspect of the design from the shelves and drawers to the rods and tie racks. For the Lees, the custom closet designer created a shared reach-in closet space separated right down the middle. On the left side, Mr. Lee had two slide-out tie and belt racks, valet rods for his blazers, and just a small shelf for his dress shoes. On the right side, Mrs. Lee had more shelves to hold her shoes, as well as more open space to hang her long dresses. Both sides looked very different, but they perfectly matched each person’s unique personality.

Working Around a Busy Columbia Family’s Hectic Schedule

When you live and work in a bustling city like Columbia, custom closet installation can seem like a daunting and time-consuming process. At least, that’s what the Hayes family assumed. Mr. and Mrs. Hayes both had successful careers and a teenage daughter at home, so the family’s schedule was pretty jammed. When they weren’t at work, the Hayes had to drop their daughter off at soccer practice or squeeze in a last-minute grocery run before the supermarket closed. With so little free time in their schedule, the Hayes didn’t have the resources or the energy to renovate their outdated, unorganized walk-in closet on their own. They needed help from the experts.

Closet America was able to work around their busy schedules and create a custom walk-in closet for them in less than one day. When our closet designer spoke with the Hayeses during their free consultation, the designer learned everything he could about their walk-in closet needs. For example, Mrs. Hayes wanted a better system for storing her tall winter boots, so the designer suggested using shoe shelves that can adjust to the height of every shoe. The Hayeses also needed a simpler way to hide their dirty clothes in-between laundry days, so our consultant designed elegant hideaway laundry hampers that fit seamlessly into the rest of the closet—the hampers are designed to look like ordinary dresser drawers.

Not only was the consultant able to understand and solve all of the Hayeses’ closet woes, the Closet America installation team also got to work on the new design right away. The Hayeses didn’t even have to take any time off work, and the installation was over within just a few hours.

Finding Secure Storage for Priceless Family Heirlooms

The Diaz family had a massive collection of eclectic pieces of jewelry that they inherited from Mrs. Diaz’s grandmother. While the chunky necklaces and enormous cocktail rings reminded her of her grandmother’s fun sense of style, finding a place to store these heirlooms proved to be a little difficult. Earrings got lost in dresser drawers and necklaces became hopelessly tangled in a jewelry box on the nightstand. The Diaz family needed a secure place to store their inheritance.

Closet America suggested a walk-in closet island to meet the Diaz family’s needs. The custom-built closet island included a clear glass surface that they could look through to see the jewelry inside and a lockable drawer that was specifically designed to secure different types of jewelry. Soft velvet separators kept rings and earrings organized and visible, eliminating the risk of them slipping through the drawer cracks. Meanwhile, bracelets and necklaces had their own individual dividers to prevent them from getting tangled.

This solution was perfect for the Diaz family in two ways. First, it offered a secure solution for their storage needs—they could rest easy knowing that their jewelry wouldn’t get lost or stolen. Second, it was a sleek, elegant way to show off their family heirlooms. The closet island fit in perfectly with the walk-in closet’s available floor space, and the clear glass surface beautifully displayed every shining diamond and precious stone. It was a walk-in closet that the Diaz family could gaze at with pride.

For Families in Columbia, Custom Closets Are a Must

As these four local families have discovered, Closet America’s custom closets easily solve the common problems that nearly every homeowner faces. Whether you’re trying to corral your toddler’s messy toys or you want to show off your new, high-end pieces to your friends, a custom closet can help. We’re committed to finding the perfect solution to your family’s unique needs, no matter how detailed or complex. We won’t rest until you have a sleek, sophisticated closet that you can be proud to call your own.

Sign up for a free consultation with Closet America today to find out more about our custom walk-in and reach-in closets. Our team of designers will work with you to find the closet solutions that you need for every room in your home, from the hallway to the master bedroom. With multiple customization options, quality materials, and speedy installations, we’ll ensure that you get to enjoy your new custom closet right away.

The finished product exceeded my expectations. The closet system took advantage of all available space by creating nice hanging and storage solutions.

Pamela R.
Columbia, MD

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