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What is a Murphy Bed? Mattress Sizes for Your Home

2 minute read, by Adrian Tucker, on Oct 21, 2021

With any space that needs a little extra room, a Murphy Bed is one of the best options. Inside a Murphy bed, the mattress is attached to the bed frame and often includes straps that hold the mattress in position when the unit is folded upright. This bed design has been used for over 100 years to save space and create a more usable area. This design is popular where floor space is limited, such as small homes, guest rooms, apartments, and college dormitories. A Murphy is also known as a wall bed, pull-down bed, fold-down bed, and hidden bed.

The Murphy Bed was created in the early 1900s in San Francisco when William Lawrence Murphy fell in love with a local opera singer. The common customs at the time would not allow a lady to enter his bedroom, so he recreated his room into a convertible parlor. His invention allowed him to hide his bed when guests were over, transforming his one-room apartment from a bedroom into a parlor. In 1908, Murphy patented his design but never trademarked the name. In 1989 the design became publicly available, and in the 2010s the design regained its popularity. Today, these beds are much safer than their original design and come with safety locks and mattress ties to ensure that the bed stays firmly in place during the night.

This wall bed design comes in all bed sizes and can be customized to fit any size comfortably. A murphy bed can use most mattresses, but a firm mattress with a little more support is usually the best option. Since the mattress has to sit in an upright position for long periods of time, the pressure can cause bunching on your mattress. A firm mattress will help prevent this and prolong your mattress’s life inside a Murphy bed.

Closet America Murphy Bed Sizes

Twin — This bed size is the best for small areas and will take up the least amount of wall and floor space. This smaller size is ideal for children to sleep on because they don’t need as much room to sleep comfortably. The twin-sized wall bed is also popular in small spaces at home, like an office that only requires room for one adult.

Full – This size is another great option for guest rooms and small to medium-sized spaces. This option will offer considerably more width than the twin and can comfortably fit one adult but can support two.

Queen — This size is one of the most common mattress sizes found in homes across the country. This size will offer enough room for two adults to sleep comfortably. A queen-sized bed is recommended for those who are planning to use this bed nightly.

If you are interested in adding a wall bed to your home contact the experts at Closet America. Our custom-designed wall beds are built to match your home’s décor. We offer a wide variety of finishes for your frame, including light, medium, and dark grains. Contact us today to find out what we can create for you.

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