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Organizing Garage Storage for Sports Equipment

4 minute read, by Closet America, on May 19, 2021

Giles Pellerin was a USC sports fan who attended an impressive record number of Trojans football games over the years—797 consecutive games to be exact! That’s a lot of football. But when you’re passionate about sports, it’s important to enjoy it to the fullest.

While some are avid spectators, others simply love to play sports. And whether you’re into one activity whole-heartedly or you or your kids play multiple sports, you may have a lot of equipment to store. That’s where quality garage storage for sports equipment will come in handy. So what does it take to create an organized, dedicated storage space in your garage?

Organizing a Garage Storage Solution for Sports Lovers

When organizing a garage storage solution for sports lovers, it’s helpful to first evaluate your options for specific types of sports equipment in your garage.

Option 1: Garage Cabinetry

Garage cabinetry offers an excellent way to hide away larger items and also equipment that is less frequently used. You can also incorporate a polished wood finish for a classy touch to your garage area. Cabinets can come in handy for sports like:


  • Basketball and soccer. Balls can be placed in mesh baskets in garage storage cabinets.
  • Golfing. Golf clubs can be easily stored inside of your cabinetry space, and items like golf hats and gloves can be kept in bins on interior shelf space.

Option 2: Slatwall

A custom slatwall can be custom-built to support up to 300 pounds for every steel attached shelf. With tongue-and-groove channels, you can hold hooks for sports rackets, bats, and fishing equipment, baskets for balls and other smaller equipment, and even additional racks for your sporting gear. A slatwall works very well for sports equipment items for various athletics such as:

  • Football and tennis. This equipment can be stored in the vertical space with chrome hanging hooks for holding tennis rackets or football helmets and padding, chrome baskets for holding balls, and even a shelving unit for placing your trophies and photos.
  • Baseball and softball. Bats and tees can be placed along the slatwall using hooks or shelving. Balls can be easily stored in a chrome basket.

Option 3: Garage Adjustable Shelving 

Custom adjustable shelving coated with a ¾-inch thermo-fused laminate will ensure durability and stability. This option offers you the capability of maximizing your garage space and incorporating a variety of bins and baskets to efficiently arrange smaller items for sports like:

  • Running and walking. Shoes and other sports cleats can be stored very nicely on adjustable shelving units. Things like headsets, iPods, AirPods, earphones, and sunglasses, and water bottles can be placed in individual bins on shelves.
  • Swimming and snorkeling equipment. Floaties, arm floaties, water toys and tubes, water balls, and snorkeling gear can be organized neatly on adjustable shelves. Essentials like sunscreen, goggles, and earplugs can be placed in small chrome bins.
  • Skateboarding, ice and roller skating, and hockey. Skateboards, roller and ice skates, knee pads, helmets, and more can be stored on upper shelving areas.

Option 4: Overhead Racks

Custom overhead racks can be placed near the ceiling of your garage to maximize your storage space for larger and seasonal items. Overhead racks are ideal for storing items for outdoor activities like:

  • Bicycling. Vertical bike racks enable you to store your bicycles neatly in the garage without having to try to get around these large items daily, keeping them (and their tires) safe from damage.
  • Hobbies like fishing or camping. When you need to store large items like tents and canopies or fishing poles, an overhead rack is essential. You can also use either cabinets or shelving for other needs such as your tackle box, coolers, sleeping bags, and lanterns. Insect repellent and starter firewood can be kept on adjustable shelving or in your cabinetry as well.

Option 5: A Custom Garage Storage Combination

In many cases, combining various storage options can be key to creating the most effective solution. For example:

  • Motorsports. This could mean storing anything from go-karts, mini bikes, motor scooters, motorcycles, to even race cars. Whatever your interest is, it’s helpful to ensure room is available in your garage for these larger motorized units. Storing accessories such as oil, tools, driving gloves, and helmets can be accomplished using a variety of storage options, including cabinetry, shelving, bins, and baskets.
  • Adventure sports. Activities like kayaking or canoeing also require larger spaces for storing these large water vessels. It’s helpful to include smaller essentials, like life vests, on chrome hooks or on a slatwall.
  • Fitness equipment and boxing.  Boxing gloves can be hung on a chrome hook just behind your boxing bag, while other fitness equipment can be kept in the open as room permits. Barbells, exercise balls, and yoga mats can be stored in either cabinetry or on shelving areas.

Knowing what you need is only part of the design process, though. You’ll also need to decide how to arrange it all. That can take some ingenuity on your part—and in some cases, it may be wise to rely on the help of an expert designer to create a solution that will truly live up to your hopes and expectations.


Quality Garage Storage Systems for Every Sport

While you may not have attended hundreds of consecutive basketball or football games in your lifetime, you may have a garage full of sports equipment in need of organizing. 


To customize your garage storage for sports equipment is to open up a whole new world of entertainment and activity for you, your kids, and your family. You could even put a small pantry in your garage for snacks and sports drinks.


DIY is one option, but a professional custom designer and manufacturer can offer you the support and expertise you need to bring your garage storage to life exactly as you envision it—quality guaranteed


At Closet America, all of our garage storage systems and features are hand-crafted to order and built to last. No matter what sports you’re into, we can help you figure out how to organize your equipment—and keep it organized—for years to come. Contact us to learn more, or schedule a free design consultation today.


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