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Is a Cluttered House the Sign of a Problem? How Decluttering Closets and Rooms Can Help

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Jun 7, 2022

We all know how frustrating clutter can be, and that feeling grows if you can’t find the time or motivation to clean things up. In addition to the frustration a cluttered room causes, it can make you feel like you’re losing control and add to whatever stress you’re experiencing in other aspects of life.

Oftentimes, it’s easier to just ignore the mess or adapt to live in it rather than clean it up because of how overwhelming the task of decluttering may seem. You may not even know where to begin decluttering, but you shouldn’t go too long without addressing it. As the clutter adds up, the level of stress you feel will too. If this goes on long enough, you may get to a point where you’re wondering if a cluttered house is a sign of a problem.

No matter how cluttered your home is, you can get rid of the clutter and the stress it’s causing you with these tips from the organizational experts at Closet America.

Signs You Need to Declutter

  • You can’t find things easily: The most obvious sign that you need to declutter a space is if you struggle to easily find what you’re looking for. Clutter can make it hard to find even everyday essentials like your keys, phone, or wallet because everything blends in together into one jumbled mess.
  • You’re stepping on things often: If you find yourself constantly stepping on stuff on the floor or having to walk around certain areas to avoid stepping on things, that’s a sign you need to take care of that cluttered room and free up more floor space.
  • Closets, cabinets, and drawers are overfilled: If you struggle to find suitable storage space for clothes, groceries, or other items, that’s a sign you need to start decluttering closets, drawers, or cabinets. Overstuffing these areas means you’re losing out on functionality, and it can fool you into thinking you don’t have a clutter issue because these spaces can “hide” your belongings.
  • You’re embarrassed to have guests: Do you avoid having people over to your home because of the cluttered room or rooms your guests might encounter? This is a sign you need to declutter your home because you shouldn’t let it deprive you of enjoying time with friends, family, or a significant other.
  • You don’t know where to start: A cluttered house is a sign of a problem when you don’t even know where to begin reducing the clutter in your home.

Take Action to Declutter Your Closet

1.) Develop a Plan

If you don’t start with a plan for decluttering closets, you won’t be as effective, and you may lose track of your goals midway through and revert to old ways. We recommend focusing on one cluttered closet or cluttered room at a time to make things more manageable.

2.) Clean up a Little at a Time

Don’t feel you have to take care of decluttering a closet in just a weekend! Depending on how cluttered your home is, it may take a while to rid yourself of all the unnecessary items and get organized.

3.) Set a Schedule

It can be hard to stay motivated to declutter your spaces if you are just doing it at random whenever or whenever you feel like it. Making a schedule and sticking to it can provide the necessary structure to keep you focused on taking care of a cluttered room and doing so more successfully.

4.) Reward Yourself

After you’ve reached certain milestones in your plan, reward yourself with something special. Whether it’s going out to diner, treating yourself to a movie night, or going to the spa, make it something you’ll look forward to.

5.) Make It a Habit

When you’ve finished decluttering a closet, you want to make sure all that hard work doesn’t go to waste. Make it a habit to stay organized and clutter-free so you can keep enjoying your new space.

Need more tips for dealing with a cluttered room or closet? Contact the experts at Closet America today to learn more!


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